Indie love song: Go To Me by Jordan Klassen

Jordan Klassen Go To Me Go To Me, this week’s love song, hails from Vancouver born-and-bred indie pop artist Jordan Klassen. The sweet ukulele-accompanied tune is the first single from his 4-song EP Kindness, released just in February of this year.

At first listen, his vocals remind me of Sufjan Stevens’ but as the song builds up and takes off, Klassen takes on a sound all his own — complete with shimmering falsettos and a lilting french horn-accented whistling solo towards the end. According to his website, music critics have described Go To Me as a  “cinematic pop rocker”and a “gracefully dramatic little masterpiece”. (In fact it will be featured in upcoming Bruce Willis & Forrest Whitaker starrer “Catch .44” so hurry and use it for your wedding before it loses its indie cred! 😉 )

Here’s a taste of the devotion-filled lyrics:

Let me give, let me talk, let me live,
In your pillow. Kill your fear, whisper words in your ear
that your kite’s in a box, that your boat’s in the docks,
and you’re sleeping.

Oh you got nothing, you got nothing on me
that’s the best place that you’ll ever be
Come beside me with the pen in your hand
and your hand in my hand
Go to me.

I <3 this song and I’m hoping you will as well! Listen to it below:

Like it? You can download it here.

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