Mariann & Misi’s Artistic Urban E-session in Kopaszi Dike

It’s International Inspiration Tuesday (yes I totally made that up but it could very well be the start of a new series here) so bring out your travel gear and get ready to see a sweet and artistic e-session in Hungary! Today I’m taking you to meet lovely couple Mariann and Misi at Kopaszi Dike, a beautiful public park in Budapest.

urban e-session in Budapest

How adorable are they? I also love that they wore simple, matching outfits that made them stand out against the urban backdrop. Capturing their love and artsy vibe so very creatively are destination photographers Tundi and Laci of Subjective Photography (who are such pleasures to correspond with!). Tundi says they are good friends with the couple and here she is to give us a few details about the shoot:

It feels good to remember that certain day in May when everything came together: the dazzling spring sunshine, the pleasant environment, the inspiring atmosphere and the couple who cooperated perfectly with the photographers! What more could we have asked for?

Of course for the photos to turn out well.

The enthusiasm of Mariann and Misi was reassuring (especially because Misi generally doesn’t spare any criticism) but I must admit, this series is one of our favorites.

Tundi, I also think this shoot turned out wonderfully and I know everyone agrees with me, right? 🙂

artistic urban e-session in Budapest

artistic urban engagement in Budapest

artistic urban e-session in Budapest

artistic urban e-session

Let’s get to know this beautiful twosome. Tundi shares that Mariann is a mom with two kids aged 3 and 1. She also maintains a blog where she writes about her experiences as a mother. Misi is a graphic designer. They’re now married are living in Budapest.

They first met through a Hungarian chat site in 2001. At first the age gap seemed a bit too much but they eventually ended up becoming friends. In 2006 they began studying in the same university and a year later, they finally got together.

artistic urban engagement session in Budapest

artistic urban engagement session in Budapest

artistic urban engagement session in Budapest

artistic urban engagement session in Budapest

artistic urban engagement session in Budapest

I hope you enjoyed this lovely e-session. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous images with us Tundi and Laci, and congratulations Mariann and Misi!

(If you like their work, worry not because there’s more to come from Tundi and Laci! By the way, they’re available to shoot anywhere so if you want to get in touch with them, do visit their website. )

Photography: Tundi and Laci of Subjective Photography
Location: Kopaszi Dike (Budapest, Hungary)

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