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If you’ve been reading this blog awhile, you already know that I’m all for self-expression on your wedding day. This is why I’ve featured non-traditional weddings in alternative venues and brides in gowns that are anything but white. Colored bridal dresses may have been frowned upon in past decades but fortunately, they are quickly becoming accepted in society now that more and more couples want non-cookie-cutter weddings.

Back in 2003 I got married in a gown with light blue star-shaped beads (to match my constellation theme) on the illusion tulle cap sleeves, back, and train but, to honor tradition — and to please the older generation, it was still mostly white. So why is a bridal dress traditionally white in the first place? “How did it come to be and  if I want a colored bridal dress, how can I go about choosing one?,” you must be thinking.  Thankfully we have  Simply Bridal‘s Anna Knight  to give us the skinny along with some helpful tips for incorporating color into your wedding dress:

Today, most brides believe that their white wedding dress is symbolic of purity. In reality, blue is traditionally the color of purity, and white wedding gowns are essentially a fad that never ended. In 1840, Queen Victoria walked down the aisle wearing a white gown with orange flowers, and the trend has been in full-effect ever since. Before that, women were often wed in their best gown, regardless of color. It was also common for the bridesmaids and bride to all wear the same dress to form a symbolic alliance against any evil spirits that may wish harm on the newlyweds.

More and more brides are tossing old wedding traditions aside, including the tradition of wearing a white wedding gown. Some women do not like the way they look in white or ivory, or perhaps are just looking for a way to stand out from other brides on their big day. Choosing a wedding gown that isn’t white opens up a new world of options, and can be very fun and flattering. A colored bridal gown is a great option for a casual, whimsical-themed, or second wedding, but can fit into almost any wedding celebration.

colored bridal dresses

Bridesmaid gowns in soft, muted colors by that can be used as non-white wedding gowns

When choosing a bridal gown that isn’t white, there are a great many options. Perusing prom dresses is a great way to get started. Champagne is a gorgeous color that looks great on most skin tones, and works well with floor-length gowns and more formal weddings. Baby pink and light yellow are beautiful for summer, and look adorable in a tea-length, 1960’s style. Choosing a pastel color will give the same effect as a white dress, but with an exciting pop of color. Other brides may opt for deep, jewel tones, or even jet black. This is a dramatic statement that is simply lovely for evening and winter weddings. Wearing a traditional white dress with brightly-colored accent pieces, such as a waist sash, is a good option for women who want just want a small burst of color.

colored bridal gowns

Bridesmaid dresses in bold colors that you can opt to use as wedding gowns.

Daring brides that choose a bold gown, such as red or black, may want to keep the bridesmaids’ dresses simple by matching them to their own gown. Pairing short bridesmaids’ dresses with a long bridal gown is a good way to distinguish the bride from the group when choosing this option. Another unexpected choice is to outfit the bridesmaids in white. A colored sash can also be incorporated to carry the color of the bride’s gown to the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Many old-fashioned wedding traditions have gone by the wayside, but the white wedding dress appears as if it is here to stay. That shouldn’t stop brides from choosing a gown that they truly love, color and all. We live in a wonderful time in which brides can have the wedding of their dreams, and finding the right gown is a key element to making a bride feel special. Keeping an open mind in regards to color may be a surprising way to find the perfect dress.

colored wedding dresses

A couple more bridal dresses in soft, pastel colors that you can use in place of a white wedding gown.


Thank you for the expert insight Anna, I’m sure your article will inspire many brides out there to go for the colored bridal gown of their dreams! I’m also excited to announce that Simply Bridal is offering you, dear Poptastic Bride reader, an item giveaway! Please stay tuned for the details of this contest in another post later this week.

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