Indie wedding music: She’s A Riot by The Jungle Giants

the jungle giants she's a riot This week’s love song is a catchy clap-happy track titled She’s A Riot released today — just a few hours ago in fact by Brisbane indie rockers The Jungle Giants. The single is the title track from their forthcoming EP  due out on Friday, July 27  which will be officially launched with a run of shows around Australia and a slot at the BigSound Music conference.

I’m not sure why but the song’s intro kind of makes me remember the Weezer’s Pinkerton album days — only The Jungle Giants’ music is happier and leans more towards bubble gummy pop rather than geek rock. The jangly guitar riff and melodic bass line at the beginning of the tune automatically makes your head bob, and I love how Who The Hell? visually described it as “a sweet melody that tingles the back of your tongue as you blow smiles of happiness, dancing around you bedroom in your underwear like Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels.” Now if that image doesn’t make you want to hit play, I don’t know what will. 🙂

Some of the wedding appropriate lyrics go:

You could be my lady and we’ll walk the streets
for no reason maybe just ’til you see you won’t be so lonely
when you’re with me you won’t ever be so lonely…

All this love will kill me
But I don’t think I might
blame it on the way we don’t even care
We know we’ll be alright… alright, yeah

Wake up turn around you’re my girl
If you stick with me then you won’t ever be so lonely

Listen to the song:

I think this song will make a great addition to your wedding reception playlist! Di you like it? Support The Jungle Giants and download it from iTunes.

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