Indie Love Song: Summer Bummer by Another

summer bummer another This week’s indie love song is a sweet, synth-laden pop tune titled Summer Bummer by indie artist Another a.k.a. Douglas McGillivray of Chicago, Illinois. Influenced by a wide range of artists from Phil Collins to Elliott Smith, his music includes an array of elements within his dreamy, intimate ocean pop sound. I just discovered his music last week and I’m completely hooked! It’s also worth noting that he is offering his first — and entirely homemade — album on his bandcamp site. (You gotta admire the guy — according to his FB status just a few hours ago he records and puts out songs from his bedroom!)

Back to the song… released on the interwebs just a couple of days ago, Summer Bummer is an easy breezy pop tune with a nostalgic vibe that makes you pine for those lazy summers back in the day, when all you ever worried about was how to get your secret crush to like you back. The vocals are melancholic and soothing while the xylophone / groovebox / synths provide a whimsical, playful touch and I can totally imagine it playing on the dance floor at a summertime wedding reception, or maybe even as background music in a save the date video.

Listen to it below:

Like it? Download it for free on SoundCloud or BandCamp.

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