Fun, Unique, and Quirky Groomsmen Gift Ideas from Owen & Fred

I’m very much aware that this site is sorely lacking in posts that cater to the guys in your bridal party (sorry about that!) so when Brooklyn men’s goods store Owen & Fred got in touch to introduce their e-shop, I welcomed the opportunity to showcase their super cool products. Below are some of my picks:

quirky groomsmens gifts

Cool guy stuff from Owen & Fred that the men in your bridal party will certainly use: 1- Game-used Baseball Cufflinks ($70), 2- Lego Cufflinks in Lime ($40), 3 – Custom Leather Luggage or Bag Tag ($40), 4 – Blue Bottle Coffee Bonmac Dripper ($20), 5 – Beautiful Wood Rollerball Pen ($160)

And because Owen & Fred are better suited to talk more about what your groomsmen will appreciate receiving, I’m now turning the floor over to them. Please enjoy!

Flowers? Ordered, sweetie! Seating arrangement? Done my dear! Photographer? Booked, hon! Groomsmen GiftsUh…I thought that was your job? 

As you start to finalize all the little details for your special day, groomsmen gifts are easily overlooked and rash purchasing decisions are made.  Do us groomsmen a favor: don’t go for the run-of-mill typical groomsmen gift. The men that stand up for you on your day deserve to be appreciated (hey, we’re paying for this rental right?). Let’s be honest. I’ve served my time in a few wedding parties over the years, I can say that I’ve collected a plethora of dust-collecting groomsmen collectibles (sorry, guys!). While I do treasure your Jim & Jennifer, Aug 15th 2006 Thanks for the Memories Money Clip, and I have enough flasks to carry a wide range of spirits with me at all times, I’m a practical guy. The folks over at Owen & Fred know that practicality trumps sentimentality any day. They’ve got a well-curated selection of quirky and unique gift ideas to suit the modern groomsman.

So before you rush out to get that lighter that I’ll never use engraved for me, think about me. A sophisticated and savvy character, if you will. You know what I really could use right now? A new buttery softwallet. Or a sweet hand-crafted wood pen that’ll be sure to impress my cubicle mates. Or how about some USA made baseball cufflinks? Choose whatever team is my favorite (GO YANKEES!) and I’ll get a hand-crafted amazing keepsake from MLB game-used baseballs. Or set me up with bar accessories like concrete coasters and whiskey stones that’ll allow me to enjoy an undiluted Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel.

With Owen & Fred’s tightly edited selection, you won’t have to worry that your gift will end up at a flea market in 10 years. It’ll be used. And every time I use it, I’ll be thinking of you.

fun groomsmen gifts

Some more unique groomsmen gift ideas: 1 – Buttery Soft Leather Wallet ($90), 2 – Cherry Wood Back for iPhone4 ($89), 3 – “Shine” Shoe Shine Brush ($24), 4 – Amazing Indoor Remote Control Airplane ($159)

Visit Owen & Fred and see more items from their collection of cool gifts for guys!

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