Cool Love Song: All I Need by Air

all i need by air

I apologize for not posting an indie wedding tune last week as I was terribly swamped with real-life projects and could only focus on the wedding/engagement features. Anyway, in search of inspiration for this week’s music post I set my iTunes Genius to work, put on my headphones, closed my eyes, and — voila! — unearthed an old gem which, I thought, would make a really cool wedding first dance song: All I Need by French electronic music group Air from their debut album Moon Safari (1998).

I remember driving home one evening while listening to this track and thinking about how much I would love to have someone to sing it to — not that I can ever sound as breathtakingly gorgeous as Beth Hirsch’s who provides the vocals for this soothing chill-out track. (I eventually met my now-husband a year later though we neglected to play it at our wedding… but I digress.)

So here are some wedding appropriate lyrics:

All in all there’s something to give, 
All in all there’s something to do, 
All in all there’s something to live, 
With you …

Listen to the tune:

So what do you think? Will you use it for your wedding? If not for a first dance song, I think it would be great to use at your reception / party as winding down music.

Like it? Support Air and download it from Amazon.

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