Artistic Wedding Photos by Fearless Photographers (Fearless Awards Round 10 Showcase)

If you would like breathtaking break-the-norm wedding photos you’ll be proud to hang in your new home, check out the work of the Fearless Wedding Photographers . I’ve already written about them before (here and here) and have featured weddings and shoots by many of them because I know that you, dear reader, want only the best quality photos on your most important day, am I right?

The Fearless Photographers are for brides and grooms who truly love photography so if you’re one of them, hang on tight because today I’m showcasing my favorite artistic wedding photos from Round 10 of the Fearless Awards. Hopefully these will inspire you to choose bold over safe and creative over simply pretty. 🙂

Marcin Rusniowski Fearless Photographers

Photo by Marcin Rusinowski

Andy Rogers Red Box Pictures

Photo by Andy Rogers

Virginia Gimeno

Photo by Virginia Gimeno

Ben Godkin

Photo by Ben Godkin

Carolina Rivera

Photo by Carolina Rivera

Fearless Photographer Citlalli Rico

Photo by Citlalli Rico (See our interview with Citla here!)

Fran Chelico

Photo by Fran Chelico

Fernando Garcia

Photo by Fernando Garcia

Photo by Nathan Welton

Photo by Nathan Welton

Todd Laffler

Photo by Todd Laffler (see our previous features photographed by Todd here)

Did you enjoy the showcase? Which one’s your favorite?

* See more Fearless Awards Round 10 Winners (June 2012)

* I made boards on Pinterest for Artistic Bride & Groom Wedding Photos and Creative E-session Portraits for your inspiration. I’ll keep adding to them so be sure to follow if you want to see more of this kind of wedding photography.

* See my previous features on the Fearless Photographers

Visit / join / follow the Fearless Photographers’ Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

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