Indie Wedding Music: This is Love by Self

this is love by self I don’t know why I never blogged about SELF before because — next to Weezer, Fountains of Wayne, Sean Lennon, and Cibo Matto — their music was a huge part in the late ’90s to mid ‘0s bracket of my life’s soundtrack (pardon me for being overly dramatic here but it’s the truth). If you haven’t heard of SELF before, they are an alternative pop/rock band from Tennessee who had quite an underground following for their fun and funky electronica-grounded music, most of which they released totally for free on their now-defunct website

This is Love is one of my absolute favorite SELF songs. It’s part of their 8th album, a B-side compilation titled Porno, Mint & Grime which was released as a completely for free internet-only album in 2005 (and, lucky for you, is still available on their site through the powers of the Wayback Machine.) The song is only 2 minutes & 18 seconds short. It’s sweet. It’s summery. It’s bubble-gummy-puppy-lovey oh I don’t know what to write anymore, you’ll just have to hear it for yourself.

Since the album is free, I’ve included all the lyrics so you can sing along to the video below (believe me you will WANT to sing along!).

Come away with me, it’s a surprise
Everything I see through your eyes
Is just as lovely as the day I first fell for you

And you can count on me
For each and every little thing
Hey love, you can hold me and mold me
But I’ll still be the same

On a distant sea far away from
The unimportant things, just the shoreline
And this love we feel
I can prove it
Can you prove it to me?

And I can count on you
For each and every thing that you do
Hey love, you can shake me or break me
But I’ll always be true

Cause this is love
This is love

Please please please give it a listen. Right. Now.

Like it? Can you imagine using it in your wedding? If you ask me, I think it makes a fantastic upbeat first dance song! 🙂 Download it for free here.

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