Creative Engagement Sessions: Tips from Vavoom Pinups (part 1 of 2)

Remember the fun & flirty retro-style pic of photographer Caitlin Hazelton in her Behind the Lens feature?  That was taken by Vavoom Pinupsa “complete head-to-toe empowering photography experience created by women for women” located in Chicago. (So if  you’ve secretly wished of getting photographed like a glam Hollywood vixen for your boudoir session or bachelorette party, check them out!)

Before putting up Vavoom, owner Heather Stumpf and her hubby/business partner (actor Chris Popio) professionally shot weddings so she generously offered to share a few tips to make the most out of your e-session experience with your photographer and makeup artist.

And because we’ve already featured A LOT of creative e-sessions here, I’ve included photos of some of them so you can revisit. Alright, over to you Heather!

1. Unique Concepts for your Engagement Shoot Day

As I’m sure you already know from reading countless blogs that your engagement session shoot day is a perfect time to “get to know” your photographer so you’ll be all relaxed with them on your wedding day. You should feel comfortable putting your heads together to come up with some fun and personalized locations for you to shoot in. Whether you’re more comfortable with a photographer who jokes around and is more casual or someone who takes a professional approach, you’ll find out a lot about them and how you feel in front of the camera with them during your engagement shoot; and hopefully get lots of great shots of you and your partner as well!

Love Derailed: Lindsey & Mark’s Dudley Do-Right Silent Film Parody Engagement (photo by Carolyn Scott Photography)

Sabrina & David’s Monster Chase Around DC Engagement Shoot (photo by Maggie Winters Photography)

They will probably suggest some locations that they know will be perfect, places that they are familiar with that provide the best light and photos, which is great, but remember, this is about you TWO, not about sticking you both into a cookie cutter place where hundreds of other couples have been photographed. Plan bigger ideas with them in advance, have a visual meeting with tear sheets, and then… let them do their thing! This is why you hired them, right?

Joanne & Nick’s Fun and Quirky E-session around Street Art-filled NYC (photo by Todd Laffler)

Bry & Rick’s Industrial Love Engagement (photo by EYE Photography)

2. Creative Locations for your E-Shoot
You could do the obvious… the location where you met (that bar around the corner), which is great, but for one of the locations, try for something more creative like a favorite childhood experience both of you share (splashing in a sprinkler, or swinging on swings in a random playground) or if you both love to read, think of your favorite things in MASS AMOUNTS like a shoot from above (photog on a ladder) the two of you laying on top of 50 open books… or recreating a movie poster of your favorite movie.

Rachel & Max’s Dr. Who-inspired Engagement Session (photo by JBe Photography)

Laura & Mike’s “Private Cooking Class” Engagement Session (photo by Calculated Style Photography)

3. Get your photographer and makeup artist involved in your Engagement Session
Obviously on the day of your wedding, the focus will be on both of you, but during your engagement session have fun with your photographer if you want them to remember you and have fun shooting you both. If you go to your favorite bar or coffee shop, offer to buy them a drink! If you go to that adorable ice-cream stand, offer to buy them a cone! I know you are probably paying an arm and a leg for their services, but being a cool and considerate couple in this industy goes a long way. 🙂 Yes…  it’s a job and they are shooting your day for 10 hours, but I always had a better time liking the couple and going into the day with that excitement and connection, rather than feeling like just a hired gun. Plus! It’s not a bad idea to schedule your makeup trial on the day of your engagement shoot, so you can get the most out of your service with her or him. If you are feeling over-zealous, plan your engagement party that evening!

Carly & Jeff’s Creative and Colorful Paint War Engagement (photo by Lakshal Perera)

Christine & Kenny’s High-Energy Coney Island E-session (photo by Todd Laffler)

{See the rest of our previously featured creative engagement sessions}

How about you? How did you come up with the idea for your engagement session? Please do share in the comments below!

Next week I will be posting part 2 of Vavoom Pinups‘ tips which covers Posing for your Wedding Photos + Hiring a Makeup Artist so I hope you can stop by again then. 🙂

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