Behind the Lens: JoAnne & Jason Marino of Imagine Photography

Welcome to another Behind the Lens post where I interview a talented wedding photographer whom I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. Every photographer has their own distinct style so the purpose of this series is to help you choose a photographer whose style best represents you. Thus I want you to meet them not as “vendors” but as potential friends who just so happen to have the skills to creatively chronicle your special day in pictures.

Imagine Photography

Meet JoAnne & Jason Marino of Imagine Photography

I think the gorgeous photo above already says a lot about them and their style, don’t you think? Arizona-based Imagine Photography is renown for their bold, edgy photography and their passion for artistic excellence. JoAnne has actually been shooting pro for nearly two decades, and Jason is a rock musician who started taking photographs after meeting & marrying JoAnne. Combine the two disciplines, what do you get? Real Rockstar Photographers! And they have every right to be rockstars — just check out their incredible body of work and you’ll know what I mean. They have recently won a Fearless Award and just a few days ago, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine has selected them as Photographers of the Week, a pretty huge honor from one of the world’s finest luxury wedding mags.

They’re also actually responsible for one of the very first weddings I’ve fully featured on this blog, Audrey & Chris’ Rock and Roll Wedding in Red and Black and then of course, who can forget Joy & Rick’s Red Hot and Glamorous Neon Museum Wedding? Another awesome one is coming up soon so stay tuned for that!

Meanwhile, do enjoy getting to know more about this talented rock and roll photographer couple!

* All photos on this page are copyright Imagine Photography *

Hello JoAnne & Jason! Please tell us more about yourself and your wedding photography business.

We are based in Northwestern Arizona, only a bit over an hour outside of Las Vegas, which we use as our main transportation hub.  We’ve been shooting weddings for upwards of 15 years.  We also shoot a limited number of portraiture that includes newborns, families and high school seniors.  We’ve even been commissioned to shoot some fashion, pinup and editorial work, but our primary focus is weddings and wedding-related photography.  Our style can best be described as “High fashion wedding photojournalism for chic, modern couples.”

Photo by Imagine Photography AZ

Photo by Imagine Photography AZ

The quirkiest wedding you’ve photographed?

That would be one of our most recent weddings.  The small wedding was in Lake Tahoe.  The bride was from Malaysia and couldn’t have any of her friends present to be an attendant, so she had one of the groom’s best friends stand in as her maid of honor.  The funny thing about it was that he volunteered to wear a pink dress, and he sure as hell showed up in it and wore it in the freezing dusk setting like a champ. Great times.

Lake Tahoe wedding

The most unusual or unexpected location you’ve shot a wedding at?

We shot a really big wedding in an airplane hangar that housed massive wildfire planes.  It was amazing to have the bride and groom pull into the hanger in a vintage limo and have these massive airplanes as a backdrop.  There was a big band, everyone was in tuxes looking fabulous, and there are just these HUGE greasy airplanes there, towering in the background.  So cool!

Photo by Imagine Photography AZ

A wedding photography fad you will never follow?

Well, it seems everyone is going with the hipster thing right now; yellow or pink overtones in Photoshop Actions.  We try to keep a classic, vibrant color style to our work so it is timeless year after year.  Fads are fun for a moment, then they become dated and people look at the photos and say “Oh, that’s so 2012!”  We don’t want our work to ever look dated, so we edit in a style that keeps it timeless and classic.  We all know what happened to spot-color editing.  Do we really want to be those guys five years from now?

Photo by Imagine Photography AZ

Photo by Imagine Photography AZ

Can you tell us what your wedding was like?

Our wedding was a compromise of two ideologies.  I (Jason) wanted a lavish wedding (I’m such a girl), something you see in magazines.  JoAnne wanted to get married in a drive-thru and call it a day.  We had both been married before, and I had done the courthouse and JoAnne had done the lavish affair.  So we compromised by getting married in a really, really cool rock n roll place in Vegas called the Artisan Hotel.  We then did something totally “normal” and had a big dinner reception at Buca di Beppo afterward.  JoAnne even surprised me by having a multi-tiered wedding cake wheeled into the restaurant (for the fancy wedding reception I’d always dreamt of).

 After that, we went back to the Artisan, had cocktails in their amazing lounge, and then headed off to Beatles Revolution Lounge at the Mirage where our dear friend Jennifer from Light Group had prepared a special VIP evening for our wedding party.  We had private security (black suits, earpieces and all), bottle services with our own private wait-staff, an elevated viewing platform, etc. and everyone just danced the night away to a great rock and roll soundtrack.

We ended up getting back to our hotel at a pretty decent hour and were up at 7am the next morning, saying goodbye to family that had come in for the wedding, and we drove off to Monterey/Napa to start our honeymoon.  Brilliant time indeed.

Photo by Imagine Photography AZ

JoAnne & Jason on their wedding day!

Barring budget, logic or reality, what would your dream wedding (to shoot) be like?

Honestly, we’ve done everything from no-budget to luxury, and each one seems to be a unique challenge with amazing people that appreciate great wedding photography.  But if we had to lay out something crazy, it would be to do more celebrity weddings where there are hundred-thousand dollar flower arrangements, thousand dollar bottles of champagne, having us fly over in a helicopter to shoot the reception, lots of sparkly things, and really, really fun people that loved great photography.

A book, movie or tv show you’d love to base a styled shoot on?

Jason: Married with Children would be hilarious.  I loved that show, and recreating the living room with the bride dressed as Peg (cigarette in her mouth and all), and the groom dressed like Al, sitting on the couch with his hand down his pants would be hilarious.

JoAnne: I think doing a Godfather setting would be awesome….glamorous but dangerous.

Photo by Imagine Photography AZ

Which celebrity couple’s wedding do you think would be a blast to photograph if you could (doesn’t matter if they’re already married or not!)

Jason: David and Victoria Beckham for me.  They are beautiful people, they seem pretty down to earth and cool, and David, whilst driving his Range Rover, ran into (literally) one of my friends while he was riding his bike near Venice Beach last year.  That alone makes it awesome.

JoAnne:  Johnny Depp but only if he dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Photo by Imagine Photography AZ

Quick, name 5 favorite songs off the top of your head!

Jason: Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N Roses, Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon, Your Boyfriend Sucks – The Ataris, Crazy – Gnarls Barkley, Magic – The Cars

JoAnne: Tonight – The Asphalt, Drive – The Asphalt, Where The Past Begins – The Asphalt, From Afar – The Asphalt, So Long Tucson, The Asphalt.  I had to pick music from my husbands band only, so I don’t hurt his feelings.

Photo by Imagine Photography AZ

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?

Jason: I already get to be what I would be if I weren’t a photographer, and that’s a rock musician.  I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to live my dreams in this short life that we have.  I was a musician before I became a photographer, and I’ve been able to maintain both careers at a pretty decent level.  I’m truly blessed to have such a supportive wife that is there to guide me along the way in what has become a pretty rad existence!

JoAnne: I really love photography. There really isn’t anything that I would want to do besides that. When I was younger I wanted to act but I’m not sure that I’m cut out for that.

Photo by Imagine Photography AZ

Photo by Imagine Photography AZ

I hope you all enjoyed meeting the fabulous Marinos! The STUNNING images on this page are just a taste of what they can offer!

AND! If you LOVE what you saw today, now’s your chance to train with JoAnne and Jason! They are currently holding workshops and mentoring sessions for photographers so don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the talented duo. You may check out the options and see the lineup of lessons below:

Supercharged Workshops


For information and pricing, visit this page or send them a note here.

If you want more info on these talented photographers, please visit the following pages:

Twitter: @imaginephotoaz

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