Hiring a Makeup Artist + Posing for Photos: Tips from Vavoom Pinups (part 2 of 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of  Vavoom Pinups‘ tips for getting the most of your engagement / wedding day experience with your photographers. (In case you missed it, part 1 is here: Creative Engagement Session Photography Tips)

Image from Carly & Jeff’s Hip-Meets-Chic Garden Wedding in Queensland (photo by Lakshal Perera)

REMEMBER: The best makeup artists…

A) are ones recommended by a friend
B) have great testimonials and reviews on Yelp
C) have a clean, easy to read and navigate website — AND a specific “bridal” section — not just fashion + headshots
D) are comfortable shooting brides and are easygoing and professional

Image from Mica & Marc’s Purple Grown-Up Kiddie Party Wedding (photo by Mango Red Photography)

Posing & Looks for your Engagement & Wedding Day

Hopefully your photographer will give you plenty of direction throughout the shoot to make sure you get the most out of it, but here are some tips that can be helpful. When your photographer is rocking those candid shots, you’ll be connecting just fine (hopefully…haha), but when you are looking into the camera, things can get a bit awkward. A few things that are fun to play with: thinking about something that makes you happy… “your guy” your dog” “your favorite… whatever”. When you are looking into the camera, it will show that “spark” in your eyes that looks so great in photos rather than the “dead eye” look of just staring into the camera and not thinking about anything.

It also helps to think about being “up to no good” or the feeling like you have a little secret. Tyra, as we all know calls it, “smizing” (smiling with your eyes), but if you don’t know what you are smizing about, then it doesn’t work. 🙂

Image from Amy & Josh’s 1920s Art Deco American Theater Wedding (photo by Richard Bell Photography)

Finally, the worst thing you can do after your Engagement and Wedding Day to your photographer…

PLEASE don’t email or call your photographer asking, “Where are our pictures?” It’s the most annoying thing you can do. Your photographer is working like crazy to get not only your pictures but other couples’ DVDs burned as well. Believe me, they want to get you your pictures just as quickly as you want to get them, but they also probably have lots of other clients that they’re trying to work on as well so remember to be patient! Better to ask in advance of your sessions, “When can we expect to see our shots?” That way you can put it in your calendar and know which week they will be contacting you.

Image from  Andrea & David’s Ultracool City Wedding (featuring a sassy purple dress!) (photo by Candice Cusic Photography)

Thank you to Heather of Vavoom Pinups for the expert advice! I hope you all gathered some information from the 2-part Engagement &  Wedding photography tips series they shared with us. 🙂

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