Short Bridal Dresses & Boleros from Phase Eight Wedding Boutique

If you’ve been reading this blog awhile, you already know that based on the funky real weddings I feature, I am an advocate of expressing who you really are even if tradition dictates otherwise. Thankfully society has become more accepting of this kind of thinking in recent years, therefore we see all kinds of non-cookie-cutter weddings these days with brides wearing whatever they want — including colored bridal gowns and short wedding dresses!

short bridal dresses

If you’re not too keen on wearing a colored wedding gown but would still like to stand out and be different, consider wearing a knee-length dress. Shorter dresses totally let you show your fun, playful side. They also allow you more freedom of movement (especially on the dance floor!) and are definitely ideal for weddings held in warmer climates (and seasons). If for some reason you are restricted to wearing a gown at your ceremony, you can still join in the fun by changing into a shorter dress for the party!

UK boutique Phase Eight has a darling selection of wedding dresses on their site including the sophisticated short dresses pictured above, Belle Tulle Wedding Dress (left) and Amelia Rose Burnout Dress (right).

Sometimes a wedding reception extends well into the night (or morning) and to avoid feeling chilly while keeping in style, put on a cropped bolero that complements your dress prettily!

bridal boleros

These boleros from Phase Eight are embellished with beads and ribbon tapework (depending on the style) so they can make even the simplest of dresses or gowns look dressy and extra-special. Pictured above, from left to right clockwise are the Circle Bolero, Paloma Wedding Bolero, and the Babylon Bolero.

I hope this blog post inspires you to come up with some looks that expresses the real you on your wedding day!

You can see more of Phase Eight’s wedding dress collection on their website.


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