Fab ASOS Skater Dresses Brides Can Wear

If you’re having a kick-awesome reception party after your ceremony, it only makes sense that you would want to change into a shorter, more comfortable dress that will allow you to move freely. Which brings me to skater dresses. Inspired by ice dance costumes, the skater dress silhouette, snug and slim on top and then flares out at the bottom, is a pretty hot trend for 2012. No surprise there, the cut is very flattering for almost all shapes and sizes as it emphasizes the thinnest part of your upper body and then skims over your hips — hiding problem areas for many!

I’m quite obsessed with this dress style myself so I was happy to discover a selection of lovely ladies Skater dresses by ASOS, some of which are perfect for you brides to wear to a casual wedding ceremony or a rockin’ reception party! Check out some of these great finds:

vintage lace skater dresses

Vintage Belles: I love how these styles would work great for both a wedding ceremony and reception. The sleeves can perfectly hide not-so-toned upper arms too and the lace detail makes them a great fit for casual weddings with vintage and rustic motifs.
Left: Darling Amelia Lace Skater Dress ($129.35) / Right: Dahlia Floral Lace Collar Skater Dress ($120.72)

ASOS skater dresses

Hue Lovers: The cream jersey dress on the left is a glamorous look for a casual evening reception and the dramatic blue lace insert can even be your “something blue”! The blush pink skirt on the dress on the right adds a sprinkle of girly whimsy to the classic strapless party dress.
Left:  ASOS Skater Dress With Lace Insert ($37.94) / Right: TFNC Dress Pleated Chiffon Bandeau Skater Dress ($60.36)

sweet retro skater dresses

Classic Sweeties: These sweet, dainty dresses are feminine and sophisticated which makes them suitable for classic celebrations. The beaded, scalloped collar on the dress on the left adds retro appeal to the simple white dress, and I love how the sheer lace 3/4″ sleeve of the dress on the right lends the demure dress a subtle sexy touch.
Left: ASOS Skater Dress With Pearl Embellished Collar ($68.98) / Right: ASOS Skater Dress In Lace ($60.36)

black and white skater dresses

Rock ‘n’ Roll Princesses: Stand out from the crowd in these show-stopping black and white dresses! These styles are perfect for rocker chic celebrations. I especially love the embellished skirt on the dress on the left.
Left: ASOS Party Dress with Rose Skater Skirt ($68.98) / Right: TFNC Dress Pleated Chiffon Bandeau Skater Dress ($60.36)

ASOS skater dresses

Dancing Queen: I just adore the retro disco vibe of this dress so if you plan to dance up a storm at your reception, well you’ve found your perfect dress!
Dress: ASOS Skater Dress With Sequin T-Shirt ($68.98)

Do you love skater dresses too? So which of the styles I picked out above is your favorite?

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