Going Green: Tips for Choosing Eco-Friendly Wedding Venues

eco-conscious wedding venues

Photo by McKinnon Photography (from Katie & Nathan’s DIY Wedding)

Wasting a lot of resources seem to be unavoidable when planning a major event such as a wedding but as our previously featured eco-friendly weddings have proven, there are ways to have the wedding of your dreams without hurting the environment – like making decor out of recycled or upcycled materials, having potted plants as centerpieces, or holding your wedding in a beautiful outdoor setting that doesn’t require much decorating. I’ve touched on the topic of green weddings a few times — which is honestly not nearly enough — but today I’m glad to have Carl Fisher provide us with some pointers on how to choose eco-conscious wedding venues.

Make a statement with your green wedding venue

The choice of venue for your wedding can say a lot about the mood you want to set for your special day. Your favorite sparkling beach says relaxing; a modern art museum says cutting edge; and an art deco theater says dramatic. Whatever statement you want to make, also make it an eco-friendly one.

The 2.3 million couples who get married each year in the U.S. pack quite a punch – the average American wedding costs more than $25,000 and creates 62 tons of carbon dioxide. Imagine the positive impact that could be made if each couple decided to spend its money in a way that helped improve the environment. A green wedding destination can do that.

  • Any venue that is close to you or the majority of your guests is a good green destination. Reducing the amount of airplane travel needed by those attending greatly reduces the impact your wedding has on the environment.
  • A naturally beautiful setting that doesn’t require decorations is the perfect money- and energy-saving choice. No one will blame you for a lack of cut flowers and streamers when you are surrounded by the growing flowers in a botanical garden, the striking fall colors in an arboretum or the breathtaking backdrop of a waterfall.
  • A venue where you can have both the wedding ceremony and the reception saves travel time and energy by you and your guests. Again, these are often places that don’t need decorating: An art museum or aquarium, a historical house or castle, or a winery are all places prepared to host the ceremony and reception.
  • Choosing a destination for both your wedding and honeymoon is a way to save you a long plane trip. Many hotels and resorts around the world boast eco-friendliness. Check for features such as low-flow toilets and showers, on-site solar panels and LEED-certification. Hotels, resorts and even dude ranches in Texas, for example, can get renewable energy credits from Reliant Energy to offset their energy consumption.
  • Make sure the caterer and vendors your destination hotel works with are also green. Food and flowers should be local and in-season. Caterers should use re-usable glass, china and linen rather than plastic. Leftovers should be given to a food bank or shelter.

No matter where you have your wedding, your big day can make a lighter impact on the environment with just a few considerations.

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