Tell Your Wedding Story Just the Way You Want in Shutterfly’s New Premium Photo Books

As you’ve probably noticed from the curated features and Behind the Lens posts, I’m passionate about excellent wedding photography. If you’re on a budget, I believe it’s the one thing you shouldn’t scrimp on. When my husband and I got engaged, the very first person we booked was our photographer. We knew that in the flurry of things, the two of us — of all people! — wouldn’t be able to entirely see the event unfold so we had to find someone we could trust to capture all the precious moments beautifully.

After the wedding and once you’ve got your gorgeous photos, you’ll definitely want to relive the special day and there’s no better way to do that than with Shutterfly’s new Premium Photo Books. Unlike an album where pictures are simply inserted in chronological order, think of the photo book as your very own personal wedding storybook where you can tell the complete story of your wedding, from your proposal / engagement shots to the reception (or even your honeymoon if you want)!

shutterfly premium photo books

You can pick from several pre-designed themes (from vintage to modern), add captions and embellishment, and turn a variety of photos into a collage like in the above image. It’s so easy to make too, just upload photos from your computer, DVDs, Picasa, Facebook or Instagram. Each album comes with a genuine leather cover with stitched edges. The satin-finish double-thick professional-grade paper pages will even completely lay flat and seamless when opened!

Shutterfly Premium Wedding Photo Book

Design your layout with the available templates and tell your story exactly the way you want. For example, I love how the above spread highlights some of the wedding’s carefully-planned details. Enhance the story with text to paint a complete picture of your special day.

Shutterfly Premium Wedding Photo Books

The books come in 3 sizes, 8×8, 8×11, 12×12, and prices start at $99.99 which is pretty affordable for the premium quality. You can even make separate albums using the smaller size as a thank you (or Christmas!) gift that your parents will  treasure forever.

So how about it? Check out the Shutterfly site for more information on these lovely photo books!

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