Upcycled Fabric Flower Bouquets by Beautiful Again Bridal

upcycled fabric flower bridal bouquet

One of this blog’s most visited posts is the roundup of non-flower bouquets I did way back in 2010 — yup, it’s still raking in the visits up to now so I guess it’s safe to say that a lot of you brides are opting for wallet and eco-friendly “flower” options for your wedding, am I right? That’s why I’m delighted to share Sheena Lewis of etsy store Beautiful Again Bridal‘s pretty flowerless bouquets with you today. The above pic (photographed by Sweet Shots Photography) in fact shows Sheena and her bridesmaids with her sweet handmade creations! She’s a DIY bride to the core and her biz actually began because of her own wedding…

We wanted everything to be recycled or reusable, and so traditional flowers were out of the question. I started checking Etsy for alternatives and started finding beautiful fabric flower bouquets but they were all made with brand new materials that someone would have to go out and purchase when I made my order… so that didn’t quite fit the bill either. I decided to throw all caution to the wind and learn how to make one myself — and out of things I had already. I gathered old prom dresses, fancy shirts with holes or stains and downloaded tutorials from another Etsy seller to get started. I quickly started designing my own flowers, and thought “I can’t stop after my wedding, this it too much fun!”

I talked my husband into hitting garage sales and flea markets with me to find shiny bits for the center of the flowers, and even convinced him to start cutting out pieces of fabric — I just make sure he’s plied with beer while covered in lace fabric bits!

upcycled fabric flower bridal bouquet

Aren’t her creations pretty? I think they’d be perfect for rustic, vintage, or shabby chic celebrations. I asked Sheena about what sets Beautiful Again Bridal apart from other fabric flower and bouquet crafters:

We (my husband and I) care about where our materials come from. The fabrics we use are beautiful bits and snippets of silk, organza, lace, satin, velvet, cotton, and tulle, (most of it vintage already) that would normally be swept from designer’s shop floors and thrown away. Our white and ivory fabric comes from unwearable wedding dresses that we give a second chance to, and our purchase of them gives back to the community. The sparkly centers come from mismatched bits of vintage costume jewelry, buttons, and old dress appliques. Our belief is that every wedding should have some whimsy — and we fill our bouquets full of it! When you order a Beautiful Again Bridal your bouquet will already be filled with amazing history and you are giving it a new home and bright future. These are heirloom pieces, you can keep it forever, and hand it down to your daughter or daughter-in-law in the future… or just put it in a vase in your home, and keep it to remind you of that special day.

upcycled fabric flower bridal bouquet

Some more information about the service you’ll get if you choose to go with one (or more) of her recycled fabric bouquets:

I want to be able to change more than just the colors of the flowers for a bride — I want it to be a completely customized experience — she can choose the type of flowers, change out the centers to match a certain theme. My philosophy is that there should be a little bit of whimsy in every wedding. I can also do matching bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres for the grooms, a sash for the dress, a clip for her hair, the imagination is the limit. I would also be super excited to do weddings for same sex couples — and am actually praying for a rainbow themed wedding because I can’t think of anything more fun as a flower maker to do!

Thank you Sheena for sharing your delightful creations with us! See more of her work on her shop, or check her out on Facebook.

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  1. Thank you for the awesome write up – can’t wait to hear from Poptastic readers looking for a great eco bouquet!

  2. So very pretty! Something you can keep for a lifetime, compared to real flowers that will just die.

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