Wedding Republic: A Registry That Lets You Receive What You Really Want

The honest truth? Weddings can be very stressful — and not just for the couple getting married. All of us have been wedding guests at some point and trying to avoid giving something our recipients will possibly receive another one (or twenty) of is quite nerve-wracking.

Well dear brides and grooms, you can eliminate the gift-giving stress — and the possibility of receiving a dozen identical sets of steak knives — by creating an online registry with Wedding Republic for free. I just learned about them and I love how you can add practically anything:  your house down payment, honeymoon, your favorite wine or charity, or simply register for cash. Yes, it’s entirely up to you. Nothing is off limits! 

wedding republic registry

Wedding Republic also has an awesome signature “puzzle piece” feature wherein you can break apart expensive gifts into smaller, affordable pieces. For example, your guests can each contribute to fund you and your husband’s dream honeymoon trip to Venice AND the remodeling of your house without burning holes in their pockets!

Wedding Republic

I was also pleased to see how simple everything works — and have I mentioned that creating a registry is free? Here’s how:

1. Create your wish list. Add items from a gallery of gift suggestions or add your own gift ideas. All gifts can be customized — you can even add the price and description in your own words, giving the registry your personal touch.

2. Share the list with your guests. Let your loved ones know what they can gift you by sharing your registry through e-mail, Facebook, or a link from your wedding site.

3. Watch your guests contribute. Here’s where the fun begins. Login and see who has contributed to your registry. If you forgot something, no worries! Editing your list is free, easy, and can be done anytime.

4. Collect your gifts and funds. You’re married, hurrah! When you’re ready to close your registry, just login and collect the cash value of your registry.

See? Easy peasy! Their gift & cash registry can totally make the entire wedding gift giving process convenient, meaningful and affordable. Your beloved guests are assured that they are giving precious gifts that will help you start out your marriage, and you soon-to-be-newlyweds will be sure to receive what you truly want, and you can also rest easy knowing that you have freed your guests from the stress of picking out expensive gifts you might not need. 🙂

Ready to try it out? Here’s a sample registry you can check out, or jump right in and create one for yourself!


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