Electronic Dance Music for Weddings: a playlist by Artisan DJ Productions

When it comes to wedding music, I’m only able to blog about what I know which is mainly in the arena of indie rock. Electronic Dance Music is quite alien to me so when EDM expert Douglas Welch a.k.a. “DJ Dig-Doug” touched base (we met through a common friend, photographer Kristin Chalmers who used to be a rapper/dancer!), I asked, pretty please, if he could compile a *Poptastic Bride Exclusive Top 20 Electronic Dance Music Wedding Playlist* for you readers.

And he did! He even wrote about its history which I am now leaving you to enjoy so… over to you Dj Dig-Doug!


electronic dance music wedding playlist

Image from Lisa & Nick’s Hip Rock Music Party in Chicago Wedding, photo by JPP Studios

EDM: A NEW PARADIGM + A TOP 20 WEDDING DANCE MIX by Douglas Welch, Artisan DJ Productions

There is no arguing that Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has experienced and explosion in popularity in recent times. In fact it seems that EDM has found a way to seep into just about every aspect of popular culture. What started-out as experimentation with the programming of different sounds with rudimentary electronic “instruments” and reel-to-reel recording in basements and “House” parties in Detroit and Chicago in the 80’s, went to Europe and back gaining underground traction in the “Rave” scene of the 90’s, slowly started to work it’s way into mainstream credibility when electronic music DJ’s and producers started working with Hip-Hop and Pop music artists in the 00’s, is now turning the music world and pop culture on it’s head.

“DJ Culture” has literally taken-over popular music. Everybody wants to be a DJ. DJ’s are the bona fide rocks stars headlining concerts and festivals around the World. Since 2010 it seems that nearly every Pop song, most Hip-Hop tracks, and many of the biggest Rock hits are produced by EDM artists. If a rare song isn’t produced by an EDM artist, it’s only a matter of time until the remixed tracks (authorized and bootleg) hit the market (sometimes concurrently as-is the case with David Guetta singles). It seems that everyone wants to be a DJ. Festivals with names like “Ultra Music Festival” and “Electronic Daisy Carnival” have popped-up all around the country and sell-out large venues for multi-day “concerts” featuring all of the top DJ and Producer talent from around the World. I’m not even going to get into the argument of DJ – vs. – Producer here, as that is for another time and could have an entire article dedicated to only that issue.

Image from Christine & Kenny’s Eclectically Gorgeous Anachronistic Vintage Wedding, photo by Laffler Photography

It was only a matter of time until brides and grooms started requesting samples of their potential DJ’s “mixes” and really looking for DJ’s who can beat-match and use harmonic key matching (techniques that club and festival DJ’s use to keep the party going) to create the “club vibe” for their weddings. The best EDM DJ’s are able to build “sets” that take their audiences on a journey, read the crowd, and create a vibe that is both memorable and unique to that moment in time. The days of the cheesy wedding DJ’s with radio voices who haphazardly cross-fade from one song into the other without any regard to how the songs relate to one another are over. Today’s brides and grooms want to create one coherent message or feeling to convey to their guests who they are as a couple, and more and more they are using music to do this. Music evokes emotion, and emotions create memories, and everyone wants their wedding to be the most memorable, leaving their guests talking about it for years to come.

That being said… At Artisan DJ Productions we specialize in creating the club vibe with cutting edge couples for their receptions. I’ve been putting together and hour or two of live mixing toward the end of the night for years now, but in 2012 it is becoming more and more requested and I foresee it becoming the norm for 2013 and beyond. I’ve put together a list, in order of popularity with the crowds (1-20), of the “Top-20 EDM Wedding Dance Tracks” of 2012 on Spotify. I also mixed them all together using the techniques of beat-matching and harmonic key matching so that you can get the idea of what a skilled EDM DJ can do to help you create the perfect vibe for your reception.

Listen to the songs as a continuous mix:

* For more electronic dance music playlists by Douglas, do subscribe to Artisan Dj Productions’ website and FB page where Doug regularly posts mixes like “TOP-10 GENDER-NEUTRAL PARENT DANCE SONGS” or “UNIQUE WEDDING CEREMONY MUSIC”.

You may get in touch with him through the info below:

Douglas Welch
“DJ Dig-Doug”
Artisan DJ Productions
Based in the Boston/Central MA area.
Will Travel throughout New England
(508) 944-7844

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  1. Great write up from Douglas Welch on the dance music scene. Im glad he touched base on the early days of dance music in the US.

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