Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue is easy as 1-2-3!

Where have you always pictured your dream wedding taking place? A grand ballroom to rival any fairy tale princess’s? A rustic garden with a gazebo and trellis? Perhaps a secluded location by a waterfall or a beautiful lake? The options these days are endless — but that’s also quite a problem, right? All these choices can be daunting which is why I want to share with you a fantastic website aptly called Perfect Wedding Venue.

Waterfall wedding

A waterfall location in Vegas

Now, finding the perfect wedding venue in Southern California, Dallas, Houston and Las Vegas is easy as 1-2-3! Perfect Wedding Venue has a free (yes it’s really free!) online wedding venue search and wedding venue comparison tool that will match you with your perfect wedding venue in just seconds! Their database is filled with hundreds of beautiful ceremony and reception sites, allowing you to search easily & quickly. Plus you can instantly find answers to important concerns such as the starting price and seating capacity. Such convenience!

And because all the venues listed on the site have been personally visited by their team of experts, you don’t have to worry about ending up with a location that doesn’t match your needs. Or paying too much for a venue, because their expertise includes the average price of weddings at each venue in their database, so you’ll always know that you’re getting a fair rate. The venue team will even work closely with you to help identify a match made in wedding heaven!

Oceanside terrace wedding

An oceanside terrace in LA

Here’s how the site works:

1. Browse their huge list of specially hand-picked venues.

2. Fill out a short form specifying your wedding date, location, budget, and specialty needs.

3. Within minutes, their team of experts will help you search for ceremony and reception sites that best match your vision for the day. Appointments with your shortlisted venues will then be scheduled so you and your fiance can see the properties firsthand!

Didn’t I say it was easy? This way you can spend more time on other pressing matters — yes, no more scouring the internet for hours and hours trying to find a dream venue that fits your vision, personality, and budget!

Are you ready to find your dream wedding location? Visit Perfect Wedding Venue now and enjoy stress-free wedding planning!


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