25 Creative & Unique DIY Wedding Project Ideas

2012 was a fantastic year for handmade projects in weddings, wasn’t it? It’s obvious that couples now want their celebrations more personalized and less “like everyone else’s” and this resulted in projects that are more unique & creative than ever!

And so this week’s inspiration post is a roundup of 25 memorable projects from among the many, many DIY weddings I featured last year. May they inspire you to unleash your inner Picasso as you whimsify your wedding! Do take the time to check out the entire features by clicking the link below each photo. I can promise that there’s more inspiration to be found where these projects came from. 🙂

Update (01/16/2014): Here’s part 2: 30 Fun & Unique DIY Wedding Project Ideas

creative and unique diy wedding projects

25 Creative & Unique DIY Wedding Project Ideas (inspired by Poptastic Bride’s 2012 Couples)


25. Wrap wood frame panels with fabric and use them as decor. Spice up your ceremony or reception area by hanging wood frames wrapped in fabric that match your wedding’s motif. You can go as muted or as loud & colorful as you want! To personalize them further, why not use fabric that’s been used in your and your groom’s families for generations? They cay can double as decor for your home after the wedding.

fabric wrapped panels

Katie & Michael’s Artistic Vintage Meets Modern Farm Wedding, photos by Hazelton Photography 

24. Make one-of-a-kind hair accessories and boutonnieres using found or thrifted objects. You can even incorporate a combination of old toys or knick-knacks that mean something to the two of you for a personal touch!

antique finds boutonierre

Kristin & Kevin’s DIY, Vintage Cameras, and S’mores Garden Wedding, photos by Krista Lee Photography

** Alternative idea: why not make boutonnieres out of action figures like this artistic bride did?

superhero boutonnieres

Tori & Adam’s Vintage Hollywood Glamour Wedding (with a touch of Christmas), photos by JoPhoto

23. Dress-up a bicycle and use it as a prop in your couple photos. As you can see below, it will add a touch of crafty whimsy to the token couple feet shot!

decorated bicycle wedding photo prop

Thea & Ian’s All-American 4th of July DIY Wedding, photos by Jenny GG Photography

22. String together buttons in your wedding motif colors to form hearts. Personalize them by attaching a tag with a cute quote about love or maybe write a special note for each recipient. This actually works great if you have buttons in all your other DIYs (like bouquets, fashion accessories, and more).

favor button hearts

Jenn & Matt’s Intimate DIY Riviera Maya Wedding, photos by Citlalli Rico Photography

21. Are you a budding poet? Write original haikus for your reception area and frame them. This couple used framed haikus written by the groom to define sections in their venue. The one below was situated on the desserts table.

haiku signs

Amy & Jared’s Twinkly Bright, Warm and Fuzzy DIY Winter Wedding, photos by Blest Photography

20. Having a cupcake bar? Make a “3D Cupcake Menu” as in the photo below. Such a cute idea and it’s so simple to make too, don’t you think?

cupcake menu

Brittani & Scott’s Fun and Feel-Good DIY Wedding, photos by Stephanie Haller Photography

19. Place sweets in different size / height jars and use them as table centerpieces. I love elements that do double, even triple duty — these can serve as table decor, dessert, and — if you place enough jars for each person — guest favors!

candy centerpieces

Rose & Jamie’s Sweets, Red Tartan & Gaudi DIY Wedding in Manchester, photos by Hannah Webster of LifeLine Photography

18. Having a rustic outdoor wedding? Decorate guest tables with framed poetry about trees & nature. You can even make your own frames using twigs as in the photo below. If you’re having an intimate wedding, you can make enough of these to serve as “place cards” that guests can take home to remember your day by.

tree poetry rustic wedding

Stefani & Jason’s Enchanting and Fanciful Elvish-inspired DIY Wedding, photos by Bit of Ivory Photography

17. Love music? Use old vinyl records as plate chargers. If your wedding is music-themed, give it a title (like in the example below), print labels and stick them on the records.

vinyl record plate chargers

Kelly & Gary’s Rainbow-Hued Ice Cream-Flavored Retro Pop Wedding, photos by Lovestruck Wedding Photography

16. Another music-themed idea: frame CD covers of your favorite musicians and use them to identify tables in place of the usual table numbers. This is especially cool if you and your honey attend a lot of concerts since you can frame the tickets along with the cd covers!

cd cover table numbers

Lisa & Nick’s Hip Rock Music Party in Chicago Wedding, photos by JPP Studios

15. Another table number idea: wine labels with made-up names. In the wedding pictured below, the couple had a wine motif (it was in a winery) so the bride came up with mock wine labels which even matched who were sitting at the tables. The names she thought up include “Monogamy”, ““Jargon!”, “Barefoot”, “Insatiable” and “It’s a Headsnapper”.

wine label table numbers

Kelsey & Kyle’s Bright, Bold & Cheery Temecula Winery Wedding (Part 2), photos by True Photography

14. Another centerpiece idea: place old family photos inside mason jars. A simple yet lovely way to honor family.

photo table centerpieces

Toni & Troy’s Eclectic Vintage DIY Backyard Wedding, photos by Concept Photography

13. Blow up old photos & hang them on twine with clothespins. Instead of hanging bunting,  why not use photographs tinted in the colors of your motif?

baby photo bunting for wedding

Leslie & Josh’s Fun-Love-and-DIY-Filled Farm Wedding, photos by One Eleven Images

12. Frame photos of guests and hang them by the welcome or gift table. Such a nice way of making your guests feel important. These can also serve as their escort cards.

hanging photo frames guest entrance

Jessica & Jeff’s Multicultural Commitment Ceremony Celebration, photos by Debra Gulbas Photography

11. Make flower brooches out of felt & buttons for your bridal party. You can take the idea further by adorning your reception shoes with the felt flowers like this crafty bride did! How cute do those purple flats look?

felt flowers wedding shoes

Mica & Marc’s Purple Grown-Up Kiddie Party Wedding, photos by MangoRed

10. Can’t find sparkly shoes in the exact shade you want? Buy regular ones in any color, mix paint with glitter and modge podge them on to the shoes! You can have your bridal party do this with their shoes too so you’ll all match!

modge podged shoes

Kelly & Matt’s Bright Blue and Green Retro Video Game Wedding, photos by JamieY Photography

9. If you’re adept in graphic design and layout, make eye-catching posters with bold typography + photos of you to direct guests to your reception area. I know rustic wooden signage and arrows are popular so I thought of presenting this fresh and modern alternative for urban / contemporary weddings.

personalized reception signage

Kelly & John’s Urban-Cool Architectural Wedding, photos by Carolyn Scott Photography

8.  Going flower-free? Make a paper rose bouquet using (copies of) letters from your loved ones. Or pages from your favorite books. Make sure they’re just copies, it would be a shame to destroy the original letters! This particular bride even included little toys to represent her and hubby’s geeky interests.

DIY paper roses bouquet

Katherine & Brad’s DIY wedding with a touch of retro whimsy, photos by Carrie Wildes Photography

7. Making your own brooch & button bouquet? Add little knick-knacks that represent loved ones. In the example below, the bride placed objects to represent her parents like a motorcycle charm for her dad and a red flower for her mom. This way you can walk down the aisle with them.

button and brooch bouquet

Jessie & Brad’s Black and Purple Gothic-Lite DIY Wedding, photos by Blest Photography

6. Make a cute “Here Comes the Bride” banner that your flower girls can hold as they walk down the aisle before you. Just look at how adorable this turned out for the wedding in the photo below!

here comes the bride banner

Kelsey & Kyle’s Bright, Bold & Cheery Temecula Winery Wedding (Part 1), photos by True Photography

5. Have an old dollhouse? Turn it into a card box. Or have one modeled after your childhood dollhouse.

house of cards box for guests

Mary & Michael’s Quirky Yellow and Blue Free Comic Book Day Wedding, photos by Melissa Arlena Photography

4. Make a Fun High School Yearbook-Style Ceremony Program. This fun couple’s program was a great ice breaker for their ceremony. It was also a clever way to present the bride & groom and bridal party to each others’ families and guests!

high school yearbook ceremony program

Alison & Adam’s Dynamic Duo / Comic Book / Superhero Wedding, photos by Hazelton Photography

3. Make whimsical illustrated portraits of your bridal party. In this example, the bride & groom are a couple of artists so they drew their bridesmaids and groomsmen themselves. The artworks then were used as decor in the reception area and then given to the bridal party as gifts afterwards.

bridal party portraits

Renee & Keith’s Color-Cuteness-and-Cartoon-filled Bunny-themed Wedding, photos by Zac Wolf Photography

2. Make a personalized ceremony backdrop out of hand-cut felt. This couple commissioned a local artist friend to create the backdrop but if you have the time and skills, why not make it yourself? 🙂

cut felt wedding backdrop

Heather & Aaron’s Colorful and Creative At-Home Wedding, photos by Carmen Salazar Photography

1. Getting married indoors? Make a getaway car our of cardboard! The groom below is an artist and he surprised his bride with the car, how awesome was that?? I love this fun idea, it makes for great photos too! Take the idea further and make a VW campervan to fit your bridal party members.

just married getaway cardboard car

Joanne & Drew’s Playful and Artistic Ravinia Wedding, photos by JWiley Photography

Did you enjoy the list? I only highlighted 25 projects from among the countless DIY weddings I featured so please head over to the archives to see tons more!

How about you? What clever DIY project will you make for your wedding? Feel free to leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about what you’re up to!

* Part 2: 30 Fun & Unique DIY Wedding Project Ideas

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