How to Mix and Match Dresses for a Mismatched Bridal Party Look

Back in 2003 at my own wedding, I had my bridesmaids wear different hues of blue for our “hues of the night sky” color motif. At the time, having a bridal party that didn’t match was considered, um, quite subversive but luckily hubby and I got away with it. Nowadays I’m glad to see that mismatched bridal parties have pretty much become the norm.

Non-matchy-matchy dresses make for a fun look for the bridal party and the best thing about it is that it takes very little effort to pull off beautifully! If you’re planning to go this route for your wedding, here are two ways to go about it.

1. Have the bridal party dress in solid colors that match your motif, as in Kelly & Gary’s Rainbow-Hued Ice Cream-Flavored Retro Pop Wedding

rainbow colored bridal party

(photo by Lovestruck Wedding Photography)

This is the easiest way to do it because solid colors will easily go together. To unify the look, you can ask the girls to wear a sash — or in Kelly & Gary’s case above, shoes — in the same color or pattern.

2. Suit your bridal party in dresses with a similar cut, color family, or pattern, as in Tess & Jon’s Relaxed Backyard-style Wedding at Black Creek Pioneer Village

mismatched bridal party

(photo by Tom and Keidi Photography)

This is a little bit more difficult to execute since it’s easy to get carried away by patterns and dress styles! The rule of thumb is that there has to be a unifying element for all so that they’ll still look like they’re your bridesmaids (and not wedding guests). In the above case, their unifying element is the cut of the dress. Other unifying elements could be same belts, shoes, or hair accessories for all of them.

If you’re thinking of creating this look for your girls, an easy and fun way to play around with colors and patterns is via Polyvore’s editing tool.  I took the liberty of picking clothes from one of my favorite online boutiques ModCloth so you can drag & drop clothes and create combinations as you please!

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

How awesome is that tool? Just pick from the row of clothes at the bottom, drag them onto the workspace and hit “publish”. Easy peasy! Here’s a set I made of a spring-themed bridal party look:

spring-themed mismatched bridal party

What do you think? Do they go together? I used the yellow multicolor dress in the middle (Bettie Page Something Tells Me Dress) as the focal point and picked out dresses & shoes with colors that appear in it (green, blue, red, and orange). The dress and pair of shoes I chose for the bride are also printed with colors that appear in the bridal party dresses. As you can see, I chose dresses in a similar cut for a semblance of uniformity. This way, the shoes didn’t have to all match one another.

Are you ready to make your own intentionally mismatched bridal party set too? I’d love to see what you put together! Do tell me in the comments section below how you made the elements come together as a unified set. Also, make sure to hit “publish” so that they get saved into the gallery. Have fun mixing and matching! 🙂

To shop all the looks and outfits, visit ModCloth.

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