Collect your guests wedding photos instantly with Snapable + an exclusive discount code for you!

You all know by now that I’m on the soapbox for hiring excellent professional wedding photographers to capture your day. I’m also all for unplugged ceremonies — you know, to avoid photos like these from happening — but for the rest of the party, why stop friends and family from whipping out their phones to catch all the fun, action, and guest experience that can otherwise be missed? For my own wedding, I loved that our guests were able to capture moments from all possible vantage points as only they could have. I had to find all the photos manually by sifting through  Twitter hashtags & me and my husband’s newsfeeds though…

If only there was a way to collect all those precious photos easily, right? Well guess what, there is NOW. I’d like to introduce you to a nifty app called Snapable which makes it possible to instantly collect photos taken by your guests!

Snapable wedding app

It’s soooo easy to set up too. Here’s how it works:

1. Create an online album through Poptastic Bride readers get $30 off the regular $79 price by entering the code POPTASTIC (yay!)

2. Have your guests download the FREE app during the wedding (available for both iPhone and Android).

3. Each photo taken at the wedding will then be instantly added to your Snapable album where you can see all photos taken by your guests at a glance!

Check out the sample album below:

Snapable wedding app

On your wedding day, it will be impossible for you and your spouse to be in all places at once but through this tool, you can have a glimpse of all the action as they happen. Yes, that means even before the honeymoon, you can see what your wedding looked like through your guests’ eyes!

More reasons to use Snapable — each package includes:

* A FREE iPhone and Android app for each guest
* Personalized information cards for guests
* Unlimited number of guests
* Unlimited photo upload and storage
* Ability to download full resolution images anytime
* Ability to upload additional photos before and after your wedding
* Unlimited guest email notifications

This is what Snapable looks like on an iPhone:


But what if some of your guests don’t have smartphones… or are, ermm, lazy? Well they can post to your Snapable album anytime they please. Just provide the link and PIN and they’ll be able to add their photos.

Snapable will also provide personalized instruction cards that you can download and print for the wedding explaining how to use the app. You’ll also be able to invite guests to download the app as soon as you set up your account, which means guests can start uploading any wedding-related photos from pre-wedding activities such as your bridal shower and wedding rehearsal! Suuuuch a cool tool, huh?

A few more bonuses for using Snapable:

1. You no longer need to spend hours sifting through Facebook pages to find photos.

2. All your pics will be easy to find, and later, shared to your favorite social media channels.

3. There are options to share a single photo, the entire album, or keep your photos private.

$49 (with the Poptastic Bride discount) for all these features + the free apps for all the guests + the convenience of having your guests’ photos all in one place is such a sweet deal! No need to chase down everyone for their phone pics anymore! If I were still planning my wedding, I would totally use this app in a heartbeat… wouldn’t you too? 🙂

So don’t miss a single moment at your wedding — sign up for Snapable now and remember to use the code POPTASTIC to get a savings of $30 off the $79 Snapable package price!

* Special thanks to Snapable for the generous discount for Poptastic Bride readers! 

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