5 Wedding Speech Tips from Movies

As you already know, we’re all about taking inspiration from unlikely sources including the world outside the realm of weddings. Since I don’t get to tackle the topic of wedding speeches much around here (actually I haven’t tackled it at all), I thought you’d have a blast reading this guest post by Roger Kethcart featuring speech tips with some lessons drawn from pretty well-known movies. Feel free to pass this on to your fathers, mothers, attendants, and anyone tasked to make the speech on your special day. 🙂

5 Wedding Speech Tips from Movies

Wedding speeches: heartfelt, compelling, loving, nerve-racking, a disaster. One of the most difficult things to do at a wedding, other than the actual nuptials for the couple, is the wedding speech. There is a certain level of finesse that needs to be incorporated to make a great speech. Taking some cues from wedding movies on Cable.tv, you can truly give the perfect speech.

1. Be honest and happy for your child. Father of the Bride (1991)

Although this isn’t a direct, verbal speech, it is as close to one as you can get. The father of the bride, played by Steve Martin, is a nervous wreck as he’s giving his only daughter away at her wedding. His speech or rather thoughts are a heartfelt, honest, loving and a bit sad; a great representation of what a father’s speech should be like at a wedding.

2. Highlight the similarities. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

“We all different, but in the end we all fruit.” This quote from the father of the bride in this hilarious wedding comedy is a perfect representation of what to say in a cross-culture wedding. With more couples of different races, ethnicities and religions getting married, it’s important for their families and friends to also accept their union. Find a commonality between the two, and make it funny.

3. Keep yourself in check. The Wedding Singer (1998)

Simply put, don’t drink too much. Especially if you’re giving a speech at the wedding. Alcohol makes you say things you would normally not say, and perhaps do things you would not, or should not do. Along this note, don’t bring up the dirty past. Be happy for the couple, there’s no need to bring up your own issues or instances in the past.

4. Keep it simple. The Wedding Date (2005)

The simplest and most heartfelt speeches are often those that the attendees and the bride and groom appreciate the most. Let’s be honest, although in-depth dramatic speeches can add a little something to the wedding, a simple speech will keep everyone’s attention, especially if it’s sweet and sincere. Also, if you’re related or closer to either the bride or the groom, show the other some love by highlighting one of their best traits.

5. Ask for help. The Wedding Planner (2001)

At the beginning of the movie, Mary played, by Jennifer Lopez, recites the best man’s speech for him through an earpiece. Whether she wrote it or not, it’s likely the best man would not have been able to do it without her help. Writing a speech can be very difficult and nerve-racking; ask a close friend or another member of the wedding party or family for help. They’ll most likely love to help and can add some additional insight that will make the perfect speech.

These five tips are sure to help you write and give the appropriate speech for any wedding, whether it’s ultra-casual or super formal.


Roger is a lover of weddings and what they communicate publicly about the nature and beauty of love.  He has been happily married to the love of his life for over six years now and has personally delivered two best man speeches.  An entertainment writer by trade, he writes over at Cable.tv and can be found on Twitter @RKCart.

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