Your wedding’s all perfectly planned out… but are you covered? Here’s how you can protect your special day!

While planning a wedding we tend to focus on the fun parts — the cool wedding theme, details and decor to DIY, and how to make the event special and memorable for our guests. No one wants to think about the unthinkable — the hitches that may happen be they no-show vendors, cancellations, unexpected extreme weather, or *knock on wood* illnesses and accidents.

The fact is unprecedented snags that threaten our day do happen whether we like it or not (well of course we don’t) so we really must consider “grownup” stuff like wedding insurance. To put it simply, with wedding insurance coverage all you have to think about is celebrating your wedding and having a grand old time surrounded by those you love.

(Image from Jenn & Mike part 1: A Rainy Day Wedding and Baptism on the Beach, photo by Red Bird Hills Photography)

And thankfully Markel Wedding Insurance  who specializes in coverage for weddings and other private events can help protect your special day. Markel is a trusted name in insurance, having earned an Excellence Rating by A.M. Best, a 3rd-party agency that’s been assessing insurance companies for over 100 years.

How can Markel protect your wedding? There are two ways:

1. Wedding Cancellation Insurance

Let’s say you’ve already booked your dream venue whose package already includes your choice of photographer, among other vendors.  Just when you think that all is smooth sailing, the photographer calls a week later to say that he can no longer photograph your wedding as the said venue still owed him money from previous weddings. What a nightmare! Now you have to find another photographer whom you’ll have to pay separately as the venue had already accepted your payment for the package which included the original photographer. It’s not only a waste of money, it’s also a waste of precious time!

However if you purchase Markel’s Wedding Cancellation Coverage prior to booking your venue, the deposit you paid for your original photographer can be reimbursed. Markel can also pay for another photographer to complete additional services you specified in the original contract in case your 2nd chosen photographer is unable to perform them.

Aside from allowing you to recover lost deposits, with this coverage you can also be reimbursed for lost or stolen jewelry and gifts, damage to your wedding dress, and any additional expenses you may incur.

2. Wedding Liability Insurance / Wedding Reception Insurance

You are now at the wedding venue you’ve always pictured in your mind, reveling in the joy of your wedding day and enjoying your reception. Suddenly one of hubby’s pals, having had one drink too many, attempts a headstand on the dance floor, fails miserably, and breaks a few of the venue’s chairs. Obviously you’re not at fault but technically, since he incurred damage to the property during your event, you’ll have to pay for the damages. And if he gets hurt, you might have to pay for the hospital bills as well! SO not a good way to start off a marriage, right?

But if you have Markel’s Wedding Liability Insurance which includes coverage for the entire event (including the rehearsal dinner if held within 48 hours of the ceremony and even the setting up / removing of decorations if within 24 hours of the event date), you can rest easy that you and your groom are protected from any financial loss. Even if the venue has liquor liability coverage, they don’t cover the bride/groom if they are sued. It’s a good idea to check with your venue to see if they require event liability insurance (as many venues now actually require it).

The two insurance policies I detailed above can be purchased individually but for total protection, I recommend getting them both as a package.

(Image from Denise & LJ’s Techno Music Party in a Vineyard Wedding, photo by Anna Bruce Photography)

Markel’s coverage will definitely give you peace of mind so you don’t need to worry about what-if scenarios and instead focus on the fun details of your big day. And with policies starting at $75, it’s highly worth it! Get a quote now.

If you need more information on why wedding insurance is necessary, see the FAQ.

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