25 Playful, Interesting, and Memorable E-session Examples

fun and playful e-session ideas

One week into the new year and it’s once again time to take a look back on some fun, unique and memorable e-sessions shared by our 2013 couples! I’m trying to cut down on the chit chat — I know you can’t wait to see the photos anyway 🙂 — so here they are without further ado.

* In case you missed it, here’s last year’s compilation of 20 Creative, Fun & Unique Engagement Session Ideas

This year we saw a lot of “fighting”… play-fighting that is!

play fighting e-session

1. Kristina & Curtis’ Jumping, Play-Fighting and Dancing-in-the-Back-of-a-Truck E-session, photos by Jeff Tisman Photography

ice cream fight e-session

2. Dagny & Andrew’s Cute and Crazy Ice Cream Sundae E-session, photos by OhKarina Photography

water balloon fight e-session

3. Jackie & Matt’s Wet and Wonderful Water Balloon Fight E-session, photos by Shutter Life Productions

Pillow fight e-session

4. Bunny & Tom’s High School Loving, Underwater Swimming, and Pillow Fighting E-session, photos by Purple Kite Studios

pop art e-session

5. Alana & Michael’s Bright and Happy E-session Around Street Art-filled East Austin, photos by Andy Sams Photography

We also saw A LOT of jumping…

flagstaff e-session

6. Jesse & Kyle’s Sweet and Fun E-session in Flagstaff, photos by Tangled Lilac Photography

Brooklyn e-session

7. Christina & James’ Frolicsome E-session in the Art-and-Graffiti-lined Streets of Williamsburg, photos by Laffler Photography

art district e-session

8. Erin & Ben’s Fun and Frolicsome Wynwood Art District E-session, photos by Concept Photography

17th Ave Calgary e-session

9. Rosalind & Mark’s Hip and Vibrant E-session in 17th Ave Calgary, photos by Paisley Photography

Some went to their favorite haunts and date places…

record store e-session

10. Courtney & Derek’s Urban Cool Record Store E-session, photo by Blair Bennett’s Photography

wine tasting e-session

11. Anne & Ben’s Romantic Wine-Sipping and S’mores-Roasting E-session, photos by Dei Gratia Photography

geek love e-session

12. Denise & Josh’s Colorful and Animated “Geek Love” E-session, photos by Amore Vita Photography

agricultural market e-session

13. Richelle & Gregg’s Fun & Colorful E-session in an Agricultural Fair, photos by Kristin Chalmers Photography 

Sydney pub e-session

14. Jessica & Raef’s Chill and Laid Back Sydney Pub E-session, photos by Jonathan David Photography

tokyo engagement session

15. Milai & Ryosuke’s Sweet-Love-in-Tokyo Engagement Session, photos by Zac Wolf Photography

Some centered their session around their favorite recreational activities and passions…

Subaru themed e-session

16. Joslin & Corey’s Super Cool Subaru-themed Engagement Session, photos by Anna Bruce Photography

skateboarding e-session

17. Shelly & Randy’s Colorful & Edgy Skateboarding-in-a-Graffiti’d-Lot E-session, photos by j.woodbery photography

anime inspired e-session

18. Kristina & Karl’s Kawaii Japanese Anime-inspired E-session in Sydney, photos by Jonathan David Photography

retro rockabilly and rave e-session

19. Jessica & Aaron’s Retro Rockabilly and Rave Music E-session, photos by Seriously Sabrina Photography

longboarding e-session

20. Melly & Richard’s Love, Longboards and a Pillow Fight E-session, photos by Meo Baaklini

This twosome revisited their college life in a very unique e-session that took a FULL academic term to shoot…

school life e-session

21. Christine & Von’s Colorful University Life: A School Year-Long E-session, photos by Whimboy Echavez Photography

Some couples recreated vintage pop culture / literature inspired themes down to the last gorgeous painstaking detail…

Jane Austen themed e-session

22. Shannon & Karl’s Vintage Romantic Books-and-Stories-themed Jane Austen-inspired Engagement Shoot, photos by Patrick Hadley Photography

aviator e-session

23. Melissa & Brian’s Retro-Fantastic Vintage Aviator E-session, photos by Carmen Salazar Photography

adriatic dream e-session

24. Codruta & Daniel’s Adriatic Dream: An Ethereal Love Session in Croatia, photos by David Postatny Photography

None of the above ideas work for you? Of course you can simply romp around, don animal head masks, and totally have fun like this cute couple did!

50s style Disney Boardwalk e-session

25. Gina & Moses’s Fun Fifties-Style Disney’s Boardwalk E-session, photos by Concept Photography

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If this list inspired you to come up with an awesome idea for an e-shoot, feel free to share it with your bride friends and photographers!

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