DIY Wedding Resources: Decorating Type with Curls & Flourishes + a Free Printable

Last time I shared DIY wedding resources with you, I showed some beautiful watercolor flower clip art + examples of how you can arrange them to create your own invitations and paper elements. Today I want to tell you all about the wonders of curls and flourishes and how you can use them to decorate your type.

See the layouts I prepared below.

Decorating type with curls and flourishes

1. The “Thank You” text is lovely on its own if you choose the right font (for this example I used Peoni Pro)
2. & 3. See what adding just a few curls can do? You can make the swirls on your own by hand or via a graphics software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (free!) BUT if you want to save time like me, you can easily purchase ready-made curls that you can mix, match, enlarge, reduce, and arrange however which way you want.

hand-drawn curls

The swirls I used are from the Hand-Drawn Curls and Banners Vol.2 vector pack ($15) but if you want more bang for your buck, I would recommend the Hand-Drawn Curls and Banners Megapack ($33) which contains 600 curls, swirls and banners for you to spice up your wedding decor with!

diy typography pack

Another vector pack I would recommend (I’m actually planning to buy this myself come payday)  is the DIY Decorative Typography Pack ($20). Just take a look at what you can do with this set:

DIY typography pack

So pretty! Imagine making signs with personalized quotes which you can use as table numbers or as decor throughout your reception!

Ready to make your own? You can browse Creative Market for more handmade graphic elements that you can use for your DIY details.

creative market

Moving on… another way you can decorate your text is through the use of flourishes or swashes — those curly, squiggly things that usually come with Pro font packs.

Decorating type with curls and flourishes

For this example, I used swashes and decorative elements that came with the gorgeous new Calligraphic font Adorn. “Thank You” was typed in Peoni Pro. Look at how much more interesting the type looks after I embellished it with those flourishes. Of course you can choose to add as little or as many as you’d like, it all boils down to personal preference.

Next time I will give you a list of my favorite calligraphic fonts that come with free swashes.


And looky here, I have a free printable for you today: Rustic themed Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right signs that you can use as props in your photo booth pics and other pictorials. You can also use them as hanging chair signs, just punch holes at the top and thread ribbons through.

printable photo booth signs

Head on over to the Freebies section to download your printable!

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