Another batch of custom cartoon couple portraits

Happy new year! I’m still taking a break from featuring real weddings / e-sessions / styled and post-wedding shoots but I’ve been quite busy working on custom couple portrait orders over the holidays you guys. Here are some of my latest illustrations. You can click on the images for a bigger view.

*If you’d like to know how you can get one of your own, this is the page to visit!

custom wedding cartoon portraits

S&D opted to get a fingerprint tree along with their portrait and invitations!

custom wedding cartoon portraits

E&B were getting married at the beach and they also wanted to include their little boy in the invites. E specifically asked me to draw a tropical scene with their little boy in the background climbing a tree and I was more than happy to customize the design according to what they wanted. (I can do the same for you for a minimal fee. 🙂 )

custom wedding cartoon portraits

C&D specified the attire and bouquet colors which I was glad to replicate in cartoon form!

custom wedding cartoon portraits

S&V sent me photos of their attire and hairstyles and I was happy to make their cartoon versions reflect their wishes.

custom wedding cartoon portraits

And here are N&V again. Last time I showed you their Save the Date travel-themed cartoon portrait. Here now is their wedding invite featuring N in her pretty pink bridal gown and V flashing the vulcan hand sign which he is known to do often in person. I’ve included a pic of the actual printed invites (photo by First Comes Rock). The pink card was a special insert that we did containing some info for their guests.

* For custom artwork pricing + all the other info you may need, please visit this page.

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