Learn to paint pretty watercolor flowers

learn to paint watercolor flowers

Watercolor flowers by artist Yao Cheng / photo from Creativebug Inc

You might remember that sometime ago I posted a photo of watercolor flowers I made for a new invitation suite. Those flowers are fine but I wanted to learn how to make loose freehand florals that fully utilize the art medium’s spontaneous quality — just like in the photo above. How gorgeous is that peony by Yao Cheng, huh?

So when I learned a few months ago that she was holding an online class on Creative Bug, I immediately signed up for a free trial and armed myself with brush and paper while watching her lessons. Let me show you what my initial drawings looked like…


In the videos, she will first show you how to make the individual flowers — a single-stemmed rose, a peony, a tulip, etc — and then you can follow along the second time she does it. She makes it look really easy which really helped me with my mind set while painting these.

Here are some more studies. I tried making these without guidance from the video this time.


(By the way, the studies were done on Arches cold-pressed watercolor paper which I highly recommend for its pigment enhancing properties. As for paints I used a combination of Shinhan and Holbein Artists’ Watercolors.)

After a few more experiments on my own, I was confident enough to make these all-over floral patterns on watercolor postcards.

I still practice whenever I can in the hopes that someday, my flowers will be as pretty as Yao Cheng’s. 😉

I know a lot of you are looking into making your own wedding invitations, signs and other elements and what better way to personalize them than than with hand-painted flowers that you made yourself, right? If you’d like to learn how to paint watercolor florals too, you can try Premium FREE for two weeks. Even if you can’t draw, I promise that you will learn especially if you take her basic “Beginning Watercolor” course.

I personally continued my subscription because fun new creative classes are being offered each week plus you get unlimited access to old ones — Flower String Lights? Paper Wedding Crafts? Flower Chandelier? I’m in. Who’s with me? 😀

*affiliated post but I love these classes so much that I signed up for premium myself. 🙂

* Skillshare has similar creative classes! You may sign up here to get 3 months of premium membership free.

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  1. Thanks for these tips. I’l be trying that.

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