How to Incorporate the Latest Trends in Your Rustic Wedding Invitations

modern rustic wedding invitations

As a graphic designer I’ve been watching wedding invitation trends come and go over the years and it’s apparent that the rustic wedding theme is here to stay. To keep your motif from looking dated though, remember to incorporate fresh modern design elements that are taking the wedding world by storm. I’ve compiled a list right here for your reference.

1. Greenery and Foliage

Green leaves and foliage effortlessly add a rustic look to wedding invitations so when Pantone announced “Greenery” as this year’s color, wedding invites decked with lush greens popped up all over. After all, the hue also symbolizes new beginnings which makes it perfect for use in weddings. To keep your stationery looking classy, I suggest going for a minimalist look that plays up the leaves and greens — curated samples below

2. Watercolor Flowers and Painterly Florals

Painted botanicals have been trending ever since interest in the traditional arts rose in the last few years. (I even shared the tutorial course I took, remember?) Painterly florals are undoubtedly romantic and instantly give pops of joyful color to your rustic wedding. Keep things classy by looking for designs where flower illustrations and modern typography harmoniously relay the message of your invite. Samples:

3. Gold Rustic Details

The use of gold in wedding invites is classic and you can incorporate it into your rustic wedding stationery by looking for outdoor elements like leaves, twigs and branches rendered in gold foil — or if you’re on a budget, faux gold. Samples below.

[see full suite]

4. Bohemian Wreaths and Feathers

Carefree Boho brides with flowing hair carrying casually strewn-together bouquets have been a mainstay in the current wedding scene so naturally even invitations are sporting the Bohemian attitude — handwritten brush calligraphy, wild flower arrangements and wreaths, tribal feathers, deer antlers, and a chalkboard background are just some of the elements that you can incorporate in your rustic wedding invites to carry out this theme (don’t use them all at once though or your invite can end up looking tacky.) Curated samples below:

5. Cute Animals

Definitely my favorite rustic wedding element — cute animals, either in their natural form or dressed up as humans. 🙂 I won’t be surprised if this trend lasts a long time.

6. Mason Jars

Yes, you can hold on to your mason jars because they are still big in the rustic scene. I think it was 10 years ago when they exploded in the wedding landscape, thanks to Martha Stewart, but the versatility of the actual jars have made the design element a favorite. Find designs that incorporate the jar in a fresh and fun way.

Are you having a rustic wedding? Will you be incorporating any of the current trends into your theme? Please do let us know via the comments section below!

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