Affiliate Disclosure

Image from Christine & Kenny’s High-Energy Coney Island E-session, photo by Laffler Photography

Affiliate Ads

Quality web space and bandwidth allowance don’t come cheap so in order for me to continue sharing funky wedding inspirations, I’ve implemented ads and links from affiliate programs (usually Commission or in various sections of this website. Just to make it clear, I will earn commission if you purchase a product* I recommend.

Occasionally I may also write sponsored posts and will earn a one-time-fee for promoting a service or product.

Please note that I will only recommend items that I use, want to buy myself, or have thoroughly done research on. 🙂

Third Party Ads

Some of the text and image ads that appear within entries of this blog are third party (Google AdSense) and sponsor ads. I do not personally endorse the products and services advertised in these ads.

If you have questions about any affiliations on this website, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be more than happy to clarify or provide additional details if need be.