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Certified Poptastic 29: Funky Wooden Block Letters + Artistic Ampersands

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From Isabel & Denis’ Colorful and Artistic Love Shoot in Portugal, photo by Luis Mateus of Lounge Fotografia

Happy Sunday! Don’t you just love handmade wooden block initials? I think they’re wonderful props to incorporate in both wedding and engagement photos. After your wedding festivities you can even use them as decor for your home! If you’re looking to buy (or make) them for yourselves, here’s a roundup of the funkiest I’ve seen!

wooden block letters

Letterpress-inspired wooden block letters by gfout on Etsy (perfect for type-obsessed couples!)

vintage wooden block letters

Vintage-style free-standing wooden letters by compulsivecollection on Etsy (great for shabby chic themed weddings)

wooden block letters

Hand-painted custom wooden letters by Pajazzled (Love the hand-painted patterns on these!)

funky wooden block letters

To Kill a Mockingbird-inspired by wooden letters by LolaMonkey on Etsy (personalize it further by using pages of your favorite book / story as inspiration!)

vintage marquee letters

Okay these aren’t made of wood but how can you not want vintage style marquee-inspired letters to light up your reception? By VintageMarqueeLights on Etsy.


creative ampersands

And if you don’t want any old ampersand to tie your initials together, check out this creative ampersand collection on Colour Lovers!


sneak peeks

Sneak Peeks: Here’s a taste of the awesomeness you will find on the blog this week so stop by when you can! 🙂

Artistic Wedding Photos by Fearless Photographers (Fearless Awards Round 10 Showcase)

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If you would like breathtaking break-the-norm wedding photos you’ll be proud to hang in your new home, check out the work of the Fearless Wedding Photographers . I’ve already written about them before (here and here) and have featured weddings and shoots by many of them because I know that you, dear reader, want only the best quality photos on your most important day, am I right?

The Fearless Photographers are for brides and grooms who truly love photography so if you’re one of them, hang on tight because today I’m showcasing my favorite artistic wedding photos from Round 10 of the Fearless Awards. Hopefully these will inspire you to choose bold over safe and creative over simply pretty. 🙂

Marcin Rusniowski Fearless Photographers

Photo by Marcin Rusinowski

Andy Rogers Red Box Pictures

Photo by Andy Rogers

Virginia Gimeno

Photo by Virginia Gimeno

Ben Godkin

Photo by Ben Godkin

Carolina Rivera

Photo by Carolina Rivera

Fearless Photographer Citlalli Rico

Photo by Citlalli Rico (See our interview with Citla here!)

Fran Chelico

Photo by Fran Chelico

Fernando Garcia

Photo by Fernando Garcia

Photo by Nathan Welton

Photo by Nathan Welton

Todd Laffler

Photo by Todd Laffler (see our previous features photographed by Todd here)

Did you enjoy the showcase? Which one’s your favorite?

* See more Fearless Awards Round 10 Winners (June 2012)

* I made boards on Pinterest for Artistic Bride & Groom Wedding Photos and Creative E-session Portraits for your inspiration. I’ll keep adding to them so be sure to follow if you want to see more of this kind of wedding photography.

* See my previous features on the Fearless Photographers

Visit / join / follow the Fearless Photographers’ Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Behind the Lens: Yuji Katagiri of Giri Photo Works (Japan)

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Welcome to another Behind the Lens post where I interview a talented wedding photographer whom I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. Every photographer has their own distinct style so the purpose of this series is to help you choose a photographer whose style best represents you. Thus I want you to meet them not as “vendors” but as potential friends who just so happen to have the skills to creatively chronicle your special day in pictures.

Japan wedding photographer Yuji Katagiri

Meet photographer Yuji Katagiri of Giri Photo Works Japan

You may remember the name Yuji Katagiri from Atsuko & Kenta’s Everyday-Fun-and-Play Engagement in Tsukuba, Japan which I featured a few weeks ago. Today I am delighted to introduce you to this talented wedding photojournalist and portrait photographer and once again I have my younger brother to thank for bridging the language gap for this feature.

As there are very few Japanese wedding sites in English, we are often exposed to only their traditional rites so it was quite a surprise to find out that a lot of Japanese couples tend to go all out and have fun at their engagement sessions, possibly since their wedding ceremonies are going to be formal anyway. Giri-san’s e-sessions particularly stood out for me because looking at his work, it’s easy to tell that he understands his subjects very well. He previously shared with us that the Japanese are very shy so he shoots “everyday boyfriend-girlfriend moments” that his clients can treasure and look back on once they’re married. He lets them be and shoots them while they go on doing what they usually do on a date, and this results in beautiful, natural-looking photos that show the couples’ genuine emotions and endearing quirks. For sure you will see what I’m talking about in a bit.

Giri-san is multi-awarded as well, having won many top prizes from the JWGP (Japan Wedding Photo Grand Prix) for consecutive years in a row and he also happens to be the President of Giri Photo Works Co., Ltd. based in Ibaraki-ken, Japan.  I’m excited to showcase his photos here and I hope you enjoy seeing his work. 🙂

* All photos on this page are copyright Yuji Katagiri / Giri Photo Works *

Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri

Hello Giri-san! Please tell us more about yourself and your wedding photography business.

It’s been 7 years since I first picked up a camera and Giri Photo Works is heading into our 2nd year since establishment. I’ve been shooting engagement photos since 2007.  As for my photographic style —  I get a feel of my subjects’ personalities first and then make sure the photos I take correspond to them without forcing anything expected of engagement pictures.  I think that is the style most suited for shy Japanese people.

Japan wedding photographer Yuji Katagiri

Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri

Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri

The quirkiest wedding you’ve photographed?

I once shot a wedding where the bride and groom wore a Batman and Catwoman costume respectively while the guests also wore different costumes. Each group of guests had a theme and they dressed as the characters according to their theme.

Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri


Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri

The most unusual or unexpected location you’ve shot a wedding at?

I’ve shot in a lot of quirky locations but I think the most unusual one was a race horse training center in Miho Village. Almost all the famous race horses have trained and are being trained here. It has a big gate and the security is tight but the groom himself is a horse trainer so we were given special permission to shoot there.

Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri

Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri

A wedding photography fad you will never follow?

I’ll never shoot tacky poses and photos that make no sense to the couple or to me just because they’re trendy. I also won’t shoot photos that use wide angle lenses just because it’s “cool” and will only do so if it makes sense to use them. I don’t like costume photos that don’t mean anything to the couple. I make it a point not to take tasteless photos just for the sake of grabbing people’s attention. There has to be meaning and a reason for everything.

Japan wedding photographer Yuji Katagiri

Japan wedding photographer Yuji Katagiri

Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri

Which celebrity’s wedding do you think would be a blast to photograph if you could (doesn’t matter if they’re already married or not!)

Cyndi Lauper, Jane Birkin, Japanese actor Ryuhei Matsuda

Japan wedding photographer Yuji Katagiri

Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri

Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri

Quick, name 5 favorite songs off the top of your head!

Cyndi Lauper — Time After Time, Keiko Lee — The Flame, Supercar — Cream Soda, Michael Jackson — Man In The Mirror, Billy Joel —  Honesty

Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri

Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?

A japanese manga / comic artist.

Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri

Japan engagement session photographer Yuji Katagiri

I hope you all enjoyed reading about Yuji Katagiri. The fun and adorably quirky images on this page are just a taste of what he can offer! If you want more info on this talented photographer, please visit the following pages:

Website: Giri Photo Works
Blog: Bitter Choco
Facebook: Giri Photo Works on Facebook

* See all our previously featured weddings & shoots by Giri Photo Works.
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* While you’re at it, do check out the site map to browse our real wedding/engagement/styled shoot features by photographer and by location.

Indie Wedding Music: This is Love by Self

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this is love by self I don’t know why I never blogged about SELF before because — next to Weezer, Fountains of Wayne, Sean Lennon, and Cibo Matto — their music was a huge part in the late ’90s to mid ‘0s bracket of my life’s soundtrack (pardon me for being overly dramatic here but it’s the truth). If you haven’t heard of SELF before, they are an alternative pop/rock band from Tennessee who had quite an underground following for their fun and funky electronica-grounded music, most of which they released totally for free on their now-defunct website

This is Love is one of my absolute favorite SELF songs. It’s part of their 8th album, a B-side compilation titled Porno, Mint & Grime which was released as a completely for free internet-only album in 2005 (and, lucky for you, is still available on their site through the powers of the Wayback Machine.) The song is only 2 minutes & 18 seconds short. It’s sweet. It’s summery. It’s bubble-gummy-puppy-lovey oh I don’t know what to write anymore, you’ll just have to hear it for yourself.

Since the album is free, I’ve included all the lyrics so you can sing along to the video below (believe me you will WANT to sing along!).

Come away with me, it’s a surprise
Everything I see through your eyes
Is just as lovely as the day I first fell for you

And you can count on me
For each and every little thing
Hey love, you can hold me and mold me
But I’ll still be the same

On a distant sea far away from
The unimportant things, just the shoreline
And this love we feel
I can prove it
Can you prove it to me?

And I can count on you
For each and every thing that you do
Hey love, you can shake me or break me
But I’ll always be true

Cause this is love
This is love

Please please please give it a listen. Right. Now.

Like it? Can you imagine using it in your wedding? If you ask me, I think it makes a fantastic upbeat first dance song! 🙂 Download it for free here.

Certified Poptastic 28: Geek Chic Weddings + Sneak Peeks

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Happy Sunday and welcome to the regular roundup of funky wedding ideas gathered from all over the www!  With the new Spidey movie making waves all over the world and with the annual San Diego Comic Con opening on Wednesday, I thought of devoting this coming week to all that is geek chic, at least when it comes to weddings and engagement sessions. This is also partly because I received an influx of geektastic submissions over the last month and I want to finally showcase them in all their adorably nerdy glory!

BUT before that, I’d like to show you some pretty awesome geeky wedding and engagement inspiration I chanced upon in my online travels…

geek chic wedding shot

A beautiful geek chic wedding inspiration shoot inspired by the question “When a chemist and a botanist marry at a ranch, what would that look like?” Photographed by Rhee Bevere Photography, found on Glamour and Grace.

geek chic weddings

A cute geek chic scientist couple’s engagement session, found on Bridal Musings’ “Ultimate Geek Chic Wedding” blog post! (There’s LOTS of charming geeky inspiration on that link!)

geek chic love session

If you’d like to steam things up a little, check out this sexy geek chic love session photographed by Dottie Photography found on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

retro gamer wedding invitaton

Into retro gaming? Spring for this custom Mario Brothers-inspired Save the Date invite by Art Nerd For Hire  found on When Geeks Wed which happens to be a blog dedicated to geeky and alternative weddings!

Don’t forget that we’ve had our share of geeky wedding inspiration here on Poptastic Bride too! Here are some highlights:

retro gamer wedding

Kelly & Matt’s Bright Blue and Green Retro Video Game Wedding

geek chic wedding

Edie & Jeff’s Fun and Quirky DIY Wedding (with Geeky Touches)

… and many more in our geeky wedding themes section.


geektastic wedding inspiration

Here are sneak peeks of the upcoming geektastic features you will see on this blog in the next few days. Stop by this week to see what the images are all about. 🙂