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Certified Poptastic 18: Superhero Wedding Inspiration + Sneak Peeks

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Happy Sunday! :) The Avengers opened here on Wednesday, April 25 so yes, I’ve seen it. My husband dragged me to the first screening on opening day and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting to love it but I did! In fact I’m still on an Avengers movie high so I decided to compile some fun and tasteful superhero themed wedding inspiration because I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of them this year.

superhero wedding fashion

Supergirls: I love how this couple incorporated superhero elements without going overboard! The bride’s red boots, the bridesmaids’ capes and red toms, and the masks provided a quirky touch while keeping everything tasteful and pretty. Photo by Cat Norman. See this couple’s awesome vintage superhero wedding on Offbeat Bride.

superhero wedding groomsmen

The legion of grooms: I also love this idea of the groom & groomsmen wearing superhero tees under their “normal” button down shirts which is a nod to Clark Kent and Superman’s famous phone booth transformation. Photo by Hoffer Photography via Geek Dad.

superhero wedding invitation

I love the idea of newspaper wedding invitations and they are PERFECT for superhero weddings. Pictured is actually a birthday invite but you can easily adapt it for your wedding. Photo via simplyjenuine.

superhero wedding escort cards

Holy escort cards, Batman! Love these talk bubble escort cards and comics inspired decor — simple and effective! Photo by Jagger Photography. See this couple’s fantastic superhero wedding on Green Wedding Shoes and AWESOME brick smash entrance on Jagger Photography’s blog.

superhero wedding cupcakes

Superhero or comic book inspired cupcakes are more fun to serve (and eat) than traditional wedding cake. Photo via Cupcakes Take the Cake

superhero mask templates

FREE superhero mask templates! Download the template / See the tutorial (via First Palette)

Are you having a superhero wedding? Let me know what your thoughts on this wedding theme are!


sneak peeks

Sneak Peeks: Here’s a taste of what you will see on the blog this week so please stop by when you can!


Creative Wedding Photos by Fearless Photographers

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The 2012 wedding season is definitely in full swing and I know a lot of you are getting ready to have your couple photos taken, am I right? 🙂 If you want bold, artistic photos that are ages away from the posed studio portraits of past decades, may I point you to the mind-blowing work of the Fearless Award winners? I met (and did a feature on) the Fearless Wedding Photographers and founder Huy Nguyen last year and I’m happy to see that they are flourishing!

To recap, Fearless Awards are (from the site)  “photographs that excel in redefining wedding photography or are just darned amazing!”  The curators, acclaimed photographers themselves, are very picky: less than one out of ten images submitted are selected to be displayed in the photographers’ profiles as award winners.

Since the Round 9 Fearless Award winners have just been posted, I’ll quickly share with you 5 of my favorite artistic couple photos in no particular order. Let me know which one/s you like too!

Fearless Awards May 2012 Steven Rooney

Photo by Steven Rooney (UK).  Steven has submitted to me before and the result is Belinda & Tom’s Classic-and-Quirky-Chic Meols Hall Wedding feature. When I saw this particular photo with the birds on his site while we were collaborating, I told him that he *had to* join the Fearless Photographers. I’m so glad he did and look at that, he won with the very photo that captured my heart!

fearless awards May 2012 Kai Fritze

Photo by Kai Fritze (Germany). Genius use of background graffitti!

Fearless Awards May 2012 Nathan Welton

Photo by Nathan Welton (USA). You’ve got to admire photographers willing to risk life and limb to take an amazing shot of the two of you!

Fearless Awards Daniel Kudish

Photo by Daniel Kudish (Quebec). This. It’s a work of art —  I love it.

Fearless Awards may 2012 Citlalli Rico

Photo by Citlalli Rico (Mexico). I though the use of negative space was excellent and the shot, elegant in its simplicity. Lovely Citla happens to be the record holder for the most Fearless Awards in 2011 so watch out for an upcoming feature on her right here. 🙂

See the rest of the round 9 winners on the Fearless Photographers’ site or on Facebook.

I’ll be doing a post on the Fearless Awards every round from now on. And because I didn’t get to feature them, I have chosen 5 more artistic couple photos from winners of rounds 7 and 8:

Fearless Awards Tran Binh

Photo by Tran Binh (France) – You know by now how much I love playful shots!

Fearless Awards May 2012 Shane O'neill

Photo by Shane O’neill (Ireland) – so dreamy!

Fearless Awards Soon Hoy

Photo by Soon Hoy (Singapore) – Love the use of light & shade and the pops of color plus the mini cooper gives it a whimsical retro touch.

Fearless Awards Todd Laffler

Photo by Todd Laffler (USA). So clever! If you liked this, watch out for a lot of creative sessions from Todd coming up real soon. 🙂

Fearless Awards  Dragan Zlatanovic

Photo by Dragan Zlatanovic (Slovenia) – Need I even explain why I think this shot is awesome? 🙂

* I made boards on Pinterest for Artistic Bride & Groom Wedding Photos and Creative E-session Portraits for your inspiration. I’ll keep adding to them so be sure to follow if you want to see more of this kind of wedding photography.

* See my previous feature on the Fearless Photographers (Dec. 2011)

Visit / join / follow the Fearless Photographers’ Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Indie wedding music: If You Could Love Me by Edwyn Collins

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if you could love me edwyn collins

This week’s indie rock wedding song is the less-popular track from Edwyn Collin’s 1995 album Gorgeous George, the groovy and downtempo If You Could Love Me. (His most popular song is of course the formerly ubiquitous A Girl Like You, a wedding reception dance floor favorite.) I thought it deserved a bit more recognition so I”m sharing it with you today.

Edwyn Collins has been touted as the “inventor of indie” as his unique, retro-ish “campy” vocals and guitar pop riffs has influenced one too many indie rock musicians since his Nu-Sonics (later renamed to Orange Juice) beginnings.

Some of the heartfelt lyrics from If You Could Love Me:

DarknessDarkness all around
And my senses have been stripped of sight and sound
Suddenly I came to,
A voodoo, amazed at what I saw
Struggling how to find the words
But words tend to stick right in my craw

I’m talking about siezing the moment
When the moment has gone
There’s no telling me ‘cos I’m holding on
Hope against hope that you’ve got it wrong

If you could love me
Like I love you

Listen to it below:

Like it? Download it here! (DL link courtesy of the Vinyl Villain)

Certified Poptastic 17: Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

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Happy Sunday, happy Earth Day! Of course it’s also alright to go “green” on other days — especially your wedding day — so here are a few ideas from our past features on how to incorporate eco-friendliness into your special celebration.

1.  Wear a recycled (or upcycled) wedding gown.  Jenna’s gown was handcrafted by her mom — the skirt is from her own bridal dress and the hand-dyed top was purchased vintage. The result is a one-of-a-kind dress that holds a lot of personal meaning.

From Jenna & Jason’s Cozy and Intimate Rocker-Chic Wedding, photo by Matt Andrews

2. Instead of taking a limo, walk or bike to your reception venue. Jessica & Jeff biked to the site of their multicultural commitment ceremony which wasn’t only environment-friendly, it also made for quirky couple portraits that reflected who they are in everyday life. (And to minimize “plant death”, they decorated their reception site with paper flowers instead of real ones.

From Jessica & Jeff’s Multicultural Commitment Ceremony Celebration, photos by Debra Gulbas

3. Consider a flowerless wedding. Non-flower bouquets and centerpieces are rising in popularity as everyone strives to have environment-friendly events. Instead of real blooms, “flowers” can  crafted out of fabric, paper, ribbon, and bouquets can be fashioned out of brooches or dried plants. (You can also check out my previous feature on non-flower bouquets & non-flower boutonnieres.)

flowerless bouquets

L-R: Fabric bouquet from Heather & Aaron, brooch bouquet from Rebecca & Chris, and paper kusudama bouquet from Laura & Ke.

dried plants bouquet

L-R: Leslie’s bouquet of dried wheat, Edie’s table centerpiece consisting of dried plants.

4. Have potted plants or succulents as your centerpieces. If you really must have blooms, consider decorating with no cut flowers. Display potted plants and succulents at your ceremony, transport them to your reception venue, and make them serve triple duty by handing them out as favors.

diy succulent centerpieces

From the DIY Succulent Centerpieces Tutorial by Kio Kreations, photo by Hazelton Photography.

5. Use 100% recycled paper for your invitations. Leslie & Josh printed their invitations & other wedding stationery on chipboard which gave their invites a charming handmade touch. Chipboard isn’t only super affordable, it’s also easily accessible.

From Leslie & Josh’s Fun-Love-and-DIY-Filled Farm Wedding, photos by One Eleven Images

Did you know that our invites can also be printed on recycled paper as an option? Shop our designs here.
Love Tree (Day) Wedding Invitation zazzle_invitation
Love Tree (Day) Wedding Invitation by poptasticbride

More eco-friendly wedding tips/ideas:
Cut back on paper use and write down the ceremony details on a blackboard
Decorate the reception site with items from your home
Recycle fallen branches by slicing the wood to make them into coaster-style escort cards
Recycle fallen logs by chopping and using them as food serving trays
Decorate your reception with floral pops, seed balls wrapped in paper and made to look like flowers
Site sponsor Night Owl Paper Goods offer super cute invitations made of real recycled wood
– Consider giving away eco-friendly plantable seed favors
A list of picture-pretty eco-friendly wedding exits by photographer Carolyn Scott
Browse the Real Green Weddings section for inspiration on Green Bride Guide
Eco and Elsie is a great resource for “brides who love the earth”

Did you have a green wedding? Please share more ideas to help other couples achieve the eco friendly wedding of their dreams below. 🙂


sneak peeks

Sneak Peeks! Stop by this week to see what these photos are all about.

Indie Wedding Music: Conventional Love Song by Saintfearless

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saintfearless conventional lovesong This week’s tune is the melodic and somewhat melancholic ballad Conventional Love Song by Saintfearless, a Capetown, South Africa-based indie rock band. The group is fairly new: comprising of four members, the band formed in the summer of 2008 and quickly worked their way up the Capetown music scene. Currently making waves in their home country, they have their sights set on conquering the rest of the world as well with their mix of new school & old school rock which has been described as raw, sexy, emotional & cinematic.

It’s actually my first time to hear of the band and their music. Their sound caught my attention as I was perusing this month’s Music Alliance Pact posts across the web and so I thought of sharing this particular song with you.

The lyrics — at least what I can make out — go:

Sometimes I look at her she’s looking back at me
I feel a change inside this perfect symmetry
I’ve never felt so right, I’ve never felt so pure
I’ve never felt so insecure…

Let’s take a nervous trip to outer space
Let’s go somewhere I know they’ll never find us
We’ll run, just run

My world collapses when she looks me in the eye
My skin it burns when she slips her hand in mine
She puts her lips to me it knocks me to the ground
I know for sure that now I’m found

So late nights here’s to you and I
Hope we can make it through
We’ll run, just run
And define yourself

Listen to the catchy tune below:

And if you like it, guess what, you can download it for free via the direct link provided by the MAP!