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Unique DIY Ideas from our March featured couples

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It’s the start of another month so it’s time to highlight some DIY ideas and personalization tips shared by our March featured couples!

1. If you’re crafty, why not create your own accessories from fabric scraps and vintage odds & ends. Kristin was one crafty bride and created fabric flower hairpieces and boutonnieres made of antique keys and gears for herself, her groom and the entire bridal party!

From Kristin & Kevin’s DIY, Vintage Cameras, and S’mores Garden Wedding (photographed by Krista Lee Photography)

2. Incorporate you, your hobbies and interests into your decor. Kristin’s a photographer and Kevin is a computer nerd so they used her vintage camera collection to represent the bride’s creative side and old books for the groom’s book-smarts.

From Kristin & Kevin’s DIY, Vintage Cameras, and S’mores Garden Wedding (photographed by Krista Lee Photography)

3. A great idea for alternative guest and escort cards are name tags clipped on to chicken wire frame if you’re having a rustic or outdoor wedding.

From Kristin & Kevin’s DIY, Vintage Cameras, and S’mores Garden Wedding (photographed by Krista Lee Photography)

4. More on incorporating you into your wedding. If you met while playing sports, as Tawnya and Lee did, honor it at your wedding. These cuties met playing ultimate frisbee in a park so they had lawn games at their celebration.

frisbee wedding

From Tawnya & Lee’s Love and Frisbee Fun-Filled Farm Wedding (photographed by Andrew Paquet Photography)

5.  For an environment-friendly touch, do as Tawnya and Lee did — they saved paper and skipped the programs and just had the bridal party written on a chalk board.

From Tawnya & Lee’s Love and Frisbee Fun-Filled Farm Wedding (photographed by Andrew Paquet Photography)

6.  Share your love story in your wedding invitation! It’s a great way to introduce one another to respective families and friends, and you can be sure that no one else will have an invitation exactly like yours.

From Halley & Josh’s Bright and Colorful Modern Vintage Wedding (photos by Heather Parker Photography)

7. Have your beloved pet join the happy festivities — or if he’s up to it, dress him up in a matching collar and make him part of your bridal party.

From Halley & Josh’s Bright and Colorful Modern Vintage Wedding (photos by Heather Parker Photography)

8. Another example of  incorporating you into your wedding. Denise is a vocalist and LJ is a DJ so electronic dance parties are part of their lifestyle, hence the raver shades and glowsticks at their reception.

From Denise & LJ’s Techno Music Party in a Vineyard Wedding (photos by Anna Bruce Photography)

9. Make your favors do double duty by having them serve as table decor at the reception. Denise & LJ made original mix CDs, wrapped them in bright sleeves and arranged them on the tables (along with glowsticks) to create extra pops of color.

From Denise & LJ’s Techno Music Party in a Vineyard Wedding (photos by Anna Bruce Photography)

10. Do as this creative couple did and ride bicycles to your reception! They also made a lot of Mexican paper flowers, some of which the bride pinned to the bottom of her dress. The others were used to adorn tables at their reception.

From Jessica & Jeff’s Multicultural Commitment Ceremony Celebration (photos by Debra Gulbas Photography)

11. If you can’t decide which wedding tradition to use, implement them all! Jessica and Jeff’s one-of-a-kind celebration fused together a medley of cultural wedding traditions from all over the world.

From Jessica & Jeff’s Multicultural Commitment Ceremony Celebration (photos by Debra Gulbas Photography)

12. Some more cool DIY wedding ideas from Jessica & Jeff’s commitment ceremony – photos of their friends and family from their weddings & engagements hanging at the guest entrance, and a wedding cake pinata.

guest photos wedding cake pinata

From Jessica & Jeff’s Multicultural Commitment Ceremony Celebration (photos by Debra Gulbas Photography)

13. Instead of printing escort cards, a cost-effective alternative is to have a bulletin board filled with photos of your guests written with their table numbers at the back.

From Brittani & Scott’s Fun and Feel-Good DIY Wedding (photos by Stephanie Haller Photography)

14. Instead of having cake toppers, do as Brittani & Scott did and have shrinky dink art made off your favorite photos.

From Brittani & Scott’s Fun and Feel-Good DIY Wedding (photos by Stephanie Haller Photography)

15. Cute DIY idea from Brittani & Scott’s wedding: a handmade cupcake flavor menu sign.

From Brittani & Scott’s Fun and Feel-Good DIY Wedding (photos by Stephanie Haller Photography)

16. If you’re going for a period theme, make sure the look is carried all throughout your details for a cohesive look such as Amy & Josh did for their art deco wedding.

From Amy & Josh’s 1920s Art Deco American Theater Wedding (photos by Richard Bell Photography)

17.  Awesome DIY idea for a ceremony backdrop: Kathryn and Larry stuffed glass ornaments with flowers and used fishing line to hang them along with little candle holders on a curtain rod.

glass votive ceremony backdrop

From Kathryn & Larry’s Elegant and Sassy DIY Wedding with a ’40s Flair (photos by Alewine Photography)

18. More on personalizing your wedding: Hilary’s matron of honor was her mom and they wore matching sparkly chucks.

From Hilary & Robert’s Pastel Pretty Cumberland University Wedding  (photographed by Krista Lee Photography)

19. Nothing can be more personal than homemade! Hilary & Robert’s favors were homemade jelly. Their out of town favors were Moon Pies and other goodies  made in Tennessee.

From Hilary & Robert’s Pastel Pretty Cumberland University Wedding  (photographed by Krista Lee Photography)

20. Have a passage from your favorite book read at the ceremony. Katie & Michael incorporated some insights from Dr. Seuss’ “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” at their wedding.

From Katie & Michael’s Artistic Vintage Meets Modern Farm Wedding (photos by Hazelton Photography)

21. Wear funky printed shoes in your color motif under your all-white gown just like artistic Katie did.

From Katie & Michael’s Artistic Vintage Meets Modern Farm Wedding (photos by Hazelton Photography)

22. Make your own brooch bouquet from 60 heirloom brooches (from her late grandmother, mom, sister, mother-in-law, friends, and even friends of friends!) like Rebecca did.

From Rebecca & Chris’ Quirky Subtly-Disney Green & Black Wedding (photos by  McDonald Photography)

23. If you can, incorporate your mom’s wedding dress into your own. Jenna’s pretty dress was hand made by her mom with the skirt from her own wedding gown. The top was found vintage and then hand-dyed light blush with Tazo’s Passion Tea which is a subtle nod to how Jena and her husband Jason met.

From Jenna & Jason’s Cozy and Intimate Rocker-Chic Wedding (photos by Matt Andrews Photography)

24. If you’re getting married outdoors, consider giving away fresh farm produce as favors. (Who doesn’t want farm-fresh food?)

From Lauren & Parker’s Bright and Happy DIY Farmer’s Market Wedding (photos by Katie Snyder Photography)

* If you enjoyed this list, feel free to see all the personalize your wedding DIY idea compilations with real-life examples!

Certified Poptastic 14: Seriously Lovely Finds

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Happy April Fool’s Sunday everyone! Welcome to the regular roundup of pretty things that caught my eye — and heart — this week (for real, ok? :))

lee dewyze engagement session

Swoon-worthy: American Idol season 9 winner Lee Dewyze’ suh-weet musical engagement session, found on Green Wedding Shoes.

Coldplay engagement shoot

Stunning: a Coldplay-inspired engagement styled shoot, found on HiFi Weddings.

vintage diy wedding

Sunflowers!: A bright and cheery vintage DIY wedding, found on Apple Brides.

quirky engagement session

So quirky: A whimsical save-the-date and engagement session, fond on Beyond Beyond.

So easy: A quick and simple origami rose, Make a few, add stems and leaves, group them together… voila! Your DIY paper bouquet. 🙂

sneak peeks

Sneak Peeks: Stop by this week to see what these images are all about!

Indie Wedding Music: Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas) | Regina Spektor

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what we saw from the cheap seats regina spektor Back in the early days (ahem, early 2010 — waaaay before I posted regular real wedding features), what kept this blog going were the indie rock love song / wedding music posts. And then sometime last year the songs stopped coming (here’s my last post) because I had started learning Nihongo and got totally immersed in all things J-music.

Well, I’m back in twee-and-power-pop-listening shape and I hope to continue sharing fun music that catches my fancy with you much more regularly again!

Today we have a cute, bubble-gummy finger-snapper by Regina Spektor unveiled just a few days ago titled Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas), a second song from her upcoming album What We Saw From The Cheap Seats. 

Reginaphiles (or Spektorphiles?) should already recognize the tune as it’s a re-recording of Ne Me Quitte Pas, a cover of Jacques Brel’s classic, from her 2002 album Songs. I have to admit that this 2012 version is much more bouncy and catchy! Give it a listen below:

Regina Spektor’s album What We Saw From The Cheap Seats will be released on May 29, 2012 but you can pre-order it from Amazon.

25 Fun and Colorful Retro Wedges for You and Your Bridesmaids

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By now you already know that this site is not at all about following seasonal wedding trends. However if there’s one fad that I am completely in support of, it’s the emergence of wedge sandals as alternatives to the more formal (and traditional) bridal heels. In fact, we’ve already seen four brides — LaurenAbbeyErin and Mica — rock this look at their weddings on this blog.

bridal wedges

(Clockwise from left: Mica’s purple Melissa wedges, Erin’s glittery Butter wedges, and Abbey’s sparkly Toms wedges)

Wedge heel sandals like the 25 colorful statement shoes I handpicked below can let you express yourself as creatively as you want while providing both style and, most importantly, comfort since they offer more stability than the typical heel.  Trust me on this one — with all the activity you’ll be doing before and during your special day, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by choosing relatively feet-friendlier footwear!

Here now is a selection of the latest (and cutest!) wedges from our site sponsors.

* This post contains affiliate links which means a purchase will financially support the maintenance of this blog.

Funky retro wedges in bright and bold solid colors:

colorful retro wedges for the bride and bridal party

[1]  Show Starting Heel in Red [2] Resorts Best-Dressed Wedge [3] Platform Follows Function Wedge [4] Levels of Fun Platform [5] Fruit as a Button Wedge [6] Subject to Change Wedge

Wedges with fun graphics and patterns

patterned retro wedges

[7] Plaid Hoc Wedge [8] Mainstay the Evening Wedge [9] Basket Ball Wedge [10] Ripe This Way Wedge [11] Bouquet By The Bay

If sweet pastel prints are more your thing…

pastel printed wedges

[12] Big Buddha – Fiona (Cream Multi) Wedge [13] Fashionable Bird Feeder Wedge [14] Across the Celebration Wedge [15] I See The Pattern Wedge [16] Zigi – Rush (Beige Multi) – Wedge

Classic woven-soled and cork-bottomed wedges

cork bottomed woven soled wedges

[17] Treasure Eyelet Wedge [18] Flower of Love Wedge [19] Weave Me Speechless Wedge [20] Boardwalk Arcade Wedge [21] Rocket Dog – Dana (Red Paradise Stripe) Wedge

Colorful and busy-printed closed-toe / peep-toe platform wedges


[22] Steve Madden – Pammyy (Bright Multi) – Platform Wedges [23] Class at the Conservatory Wedge [24] Betsey Johnson For the Winsome Wedge [25] Steve Madden – Pammyy (Multi) – Platform Wedges

* All shoes are available from and

Certified Poptastic 13: Chic and affordable bridal dresses + sneak peeks

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I didn’t have time to blog hop so much this week but I know everyone’s abuzz over our site sponsor‘s new bridal collection. Well who wouldn’t be excited over the super chic styles at such affordable price tags?!

For instance, would you believe that these lovely dresses go for under $100?

bridal dresses under 100 dollars shop ruche

L-R: Addison Eve, $75.99 / Gemma Lynn, $88.99

… and that these pretty bridesmaid dresses are under $60?

affordable bridesmaid dresses under $60

L-R: Anthurium Dress, $54.99 / Iris Purple Dress, $52.99

Their bridal accessories are nothing short of ravishing too…

affordable bridal accessories shop ruche
Sweeping Waltz Capelet
, $48.99 / Spirits Entwined Flower Crown, $43.99

shop ruche bridal

Hungry for more? Check out the gorgeousness over at


I can’t do a weekly roundup without a link to a freebie, can I? Here’s free printable wrapping paper with a charming doily pattern:

doilies craft paper

Use it to wrap your favors and gifts. Get it here (found on Daily Suze)


I don’t think I’ve already mentioned it but you can now view our real wedding, engagement, or styled shoot features by location or by photographer via the sitemap. This is of course handy for choosing and narrowing down awesome, non-cookie-cutter vendors who service your area!


And finally, here are sneak peeks of what you can expect to see here this week:

wedding sneak peeks

Are you on AllTop? You can now add Poptastic Bride’s feed to your MyAlltop page.