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Mary Janes and Sneakers Wedding Invitation

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Since going freelance, I’ve become a flip-flops-and-sandals girl but a few weeks ago I decided to reward myself with a new pair of super-cute and comfy mary jane shoes…

Drew Shoe Women's Isabel Mary Jane
(This one and yes, in red!)

I love them so much that they inspired me to create our latest wedding invitation collection called — what else — Mary Janes and Sneakers!

Mary Janes and Sneakers Wedding Invitation Suite

Mary Janes and Sneakers Wedding Invitation (Camo Green)

The invitation suite which shows a hand-drawn mary jane flats-wearing girl and chucks-wearing boy standing face to face (although we don’t really see their faces lol), was designed for you cool couples who are into retro and indie style.

At the back are the shoes lying side by side in the form of a heart. 🙂

Mary Janes & Sneakers (Camo) Wedding Invitation invitation

The design comes in four color themes – camouflage green, amber, mint, and white – and aside from the invite, the set also comes with matching save the date cards, rsvp cards, envelope and favor seals, postage, address labels, and thank you cards. If you want me to customize the colors to fit your color motif, just send me a note and I’ll work on it!

Mary Janes & Sneakers (Amber) Wedding Invitation invitation
Mary Janes & Sneakers (Amber) Wedding Invitation
Mary Janes & Sneakers (Mint) Wedding invitation
Mary Janes & Sneakers (Mint) Wedding
Mary Janes & Sneakers (White) Wedding Invitation invitation
Mary Janes & Sneakers (White) Wedding Invitation
Mary Janes & Sneakers (Mint) Save the Date invitation
Mary Janes & Sneakers (Mint) Save the Date
Mary Janes & Sneakers (Amber) Save the Date invitation
Mary Janes & Sneakers (Amber) Save the Date
Mary Janes & Sneakers Thank You Card card
Mary Janes & Sneakers Thank You Card
Mary Janes & Sneakers (Mint) Envelope Seal sticker
Mary Janes & Sneakers (Mint) Envelope Seal
Mary Janes & Sneakers (Amber) Envelope Seal sticker
Mary Janes & Sneakers (Amber) Envelope Seal

See the rest of the Mary Janes and Sneakers Wedding Invite Collection.

Hip wedding ties and fun vintage cufflinks for the groom

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Nope, I haven’t forgotten about the grooms (and his men). 🙂 If your boys are on the hunt for unconventional accessories to spice up their wedding outfits, do take a look at WedEclectic member stores Cyberoptix Tie Lab and Nostalgic Links‘ stuff.

Cyberoptix Tie Lab makes “ties that don’t suck”, to put it simply. They’re a small boutique design house that specializes in hand-screenprinted silk and microfiber neckties — and scarves for the ladies too. Some of the interesting necktie designs I found: Weapons of Mass Construction, Clipper Ship, Cosmonaut, and Vintage Cameras.

cool ties

Tons more where these came from — visit the Tie Lab to see their complete range of cool ties.

Nostalgic Links, meanwhile, sells vintage cufflinks and their designs range from nostalgic vintage to playful and wacky retro. Some of the links that caught my eye include the Transparent Red Lego Brick cufflinks, the Lego Cyborg cufflinks, the King of Hearts wooden cufflinks, and the Mini Compass links.

retro cufflinks

Visit Nostalgic Links for more of these off-kilter vintage cufflinks.

Ready-to-use and customize Fingerprint Tree Posters

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Fingerprint trees are all the rage at the moment — why not when they’re such a fun alternative to the traditional wedding guestbook? It’s really easy to make a basic thumbprint tree poster: draw a bare tree, add your names at the bottom and you’re done!

fingerprint tree wedding guestbook

If you’re in the thick of wedding planning and don’t have time to make one, kindly check out our hot-off-the-press ready-to-use-and-customize finger print tree posters. Thanks to Zazzle’s design tools, you can personalize the posters online. Yup, right from the comforts of home! Just input your names and wedding date on the space provided and ta-da, you now have your very own ready-to-use fingerprint tree wedding guestbook poster.

Our posters come in 3 sizes:

Portfolio (11″ x 15″) – basic card stock, $12.80 per print
Small (15″ x 22″) – basic card stock, $17.95 per print
Large (22″ x 34″)  – basic card stock, $25.65 per print

Here are some of the designs you’ll find in the store:

Fingerprint Tree Wedding Heartastic (Red Vintage) print
Fingerprint Tree Wedding Heartastic (Red Vintage)

Fingerprint Tree Wedding Guestbook (White) print
Fingerprint Tree Wedding Guestbook (White)

As for the fingerprint ink, Tsukineko Memento Dew Drop Inkpads are a good choice.

A less messy alternative is a signature tree. For the poster below, you can opt to have your guests leave messages and their signatures on the blank “leaves”.

Fingerprint / Signature Tree Wedding (Daytime) print
Fingerprint / Signature Tree Wedding (Daytime)

UPDATE (2017) There are tons of new ones at the store, like the fox wedding fingerprint tree poster below. See all available designs HERE. 🙂
Whimsical Foxes (Ivory) Fingerprint Signature Tree
Whimsical Foxes (Ivory) Fingerprint Signature Tree
by poptasticbride

Fun bridal wigs, wedding hair extensions, and custom hairpieces by Puppy Cat Meow

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I’ve been here for more than a year and just realized that none of my blog posts have touched on bridal hair yet! Thankfully I found out about WedEclectic member shop Puppy Cat Meow and their super fun custom hairpieces and hair accessories.  Store owner Tressa the Hairdressa offers instant bridal hairstyles for those of you who are still at a loss on how to wear your hair on your big day, just choose from among the many creative options available in her store. Whatever your wedding theme is, she can make a custom hairpiece for you.

Rosette crown headband wig extension made of hair custom to your hair color

Rosette crown headband wig extension custom to your hair color

Browsing through her store, I’ve just realized how convenient and practical instant hairstyles can be. The gorgeous and romantic hairdo pictured above, a Puppy Cat Meow original, will take hours upon hours for your stylist to make (if she can make it at all) plus she will need about two feet of hair to make it look that way. The good news is that it’s a ready-to-wear headband that can be customized to match your hair color!

To make your decision-making a little easier, I’ve asked her to enumerate the top 3 pieces that have been popular among brides so far:

Bridal Up Do filler wig hair extension

Up Do filler wig hair extension

This instant up do, a custom made wig hair extension piece is the ideal hair accessory for your wedding, homecoming dance, prom, formal evening or for everyday. It also works great as a bun for your dance recital. I designed this filler for when I do bridal hair and the bride either has shorter hair but wants an up do look or if the bride’s hair is too thin to make a decent looking bun. I made this in the “Chain Link” design which is absolutely beautiful!

rosettes hair wig set of 3 small custom colors clip-in rose extensions

Rosettes hair wig set of 3 small custom color clip-in rose extensions

This is a set of 3 small roses made out of hair. These would be great for a wedding, a formal dance (the prom!) or just everyday wear! It looks like you went to a fancy salon and spent hours but you and I will know the secret. ;-D The rosettes are made from the highest quality synthetic hair in the color of your choice and are attached at the back by light or dark bobby pins depending on the hair color you choose.

Braided Headband wig Wide Three Strand custom to your hair color

 Braided Headband wig Wide Three Strand custom to your hair color

This is a romantic style 3-strand headband, made of the highest quality synthetic hair custom matched to your hair color and is a great way to add style to any occasion. Headband is approximately 2 inches wide or 5.1 cm and is connected underneath by stretchy elastic hair ties by default. Because these are custom made to you they can be modified to how you prefer with a hard c shaped headband underneath or with matching colored ribbon to tie underneath instead of the elastic hair ties.

Most of Puppy Cat Meow’s fancy hairstyles will fit into any event, from formal, traditional to the offbeat wedding — and Tressa reveals that she does get contacted quite a bit with the occasional Renaissance or Star Wars themed wedding!

… Princess Leia, is that you?  

Star Wars Inspired Princess Leia Cinnamon bun hairstyle costume wig

 Star Wars Inspired Princess Leia Cinnamon bun hairstyle costume wig

Tressa the Hairdressa is actually a professional hairstylist and she crafts the hairpieces herself! I asked her to tell us more about what inspired her to come up with her shop Puppy Cat Meow and the instant hairpieces.

I have been a hairstylist for 20 years so I started in the salon. A lot of stylists in the salon did not like doing the updo’s and fancy styling and I love doing them – so all the wedding and prom appointments in the salon would be given to me.

I started out making the fillers to help thicken a bun when a bride would have thin hair. I soon realized that I could create instant hairstyles for every day wear and my biz carried on from that.

Bridal Up Do hair extension wig filler
Bridal Up Do hair extension wig filler, perfect for Victorian, Renaissance or Steampunk theme weddings

If you’re looking into having a Puppy Cat Meow bridal creation of your own, here’s an overview of how Tressa will work with you.

I customize the hair to each client by 3 methods… 1) they send pictures of their hair and I match the color 2) I send color swatches to match (they are free) or 3) the customer sends me a swatch of their hair (the best way to match.) I keep a file of all the hair swatches sent to me for future purchases.I blend the colors together to get all of the nuances of color and highlights. I think it helped that I also specialized in hair color in the salon so I have an eye for it I suppose!

Braid Chignon Wig Updo Bun Covers Set

Braided up-do bun cover hairpiece attachments, customized to your hair color 

There’s more where these funky bridal hairdos came from. Visit Puppy Cat Meow to start brainstorming about your dream wedding hair!

Wedding Polaroids by artistic photographer Abbey Hepner

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I have a soft spot for film-based and instant camera photography so when I saw fine art and artistic wedding photographer Abbey Hepner‘s beautiful, all-natural, and nostalgic polaroid wedding photos, I thought a feature on her work would be the perfect follow-up to my Wedding Polaroids, Lomo and Instant Camera Photography blog entry.

wedding polaroid

In a worldwide industry full of digital wedding photographers, Abbey is one of the few who still embraces working with film. I asked her why she still has a fascination with the archaic medium:

I really fell in love with photography in a darkroom. I majored in fine art photography at the University of Utah and was lucky enough to have amazing teachers and a film-based program. There is something about being able to watch a photograph develop and emerge from a blank photographic print. 

polaroid wedding

When you visit Abbey’s site and Facebook page, you will find sections containing her Polaroid prints and image transfers. She continues:

Certainly there is something very special about a polaroid print. The unique singularity that can never be duplicated in exactly the same way. Like a singular moment, blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, a smile of excitement and the first slow and gentle kiss between two people on their wedding day. These moments are the fragments of a complete life and as much as I love being able to access images that take me back to these times on a computer, they do not stand in for the richness of a singular print.

polaroid wedding

wedding polaroid alderbrook

polaroid weddings

polaroid wedding

wedding polaroids

wedding polaroids

In these fast-paced times, digital photography is certainly a quicker and more convenient option however there’s something appealing and somewhat magical about going with traditional film photography, don’t you think?  I asked Abbey’s opinion as a professional wedding photographer about what makes analog photos different from digital ones:

I love technology and I truly believe a good photographer, like a good painter or sculptor, uses whatever tools are available to make the best artwork possible. Sometimes the image requires a digital camera or a special type of film. There are a lot of arguments in the photographic world about what camera brand is best, the latest lens trend, digital followers and film purists. I refuse to limit my creative vision by becoming too focused on the gear rather than the images and my clients. I try really hard to let the light, the environment and the stillness speak to me. If my clients love the work than I did my job right.

For the first 6 years that I did photography, I shot only film. Continuing to shoot film is partly out of comfort and partly because I love the depth, color and quality of film. But I will admit that I incorporate some of my oldest film cameras (like my Hasselblad and Holga) simply because they allow me a different level of creativity. I am a serious perfectionist so sometimes I have to force myself to leave a little room for happy accidents like light leaks and cross-processed film.

polaroid wedding seattle

farm polaroid wedding

wedding polaroid golden gardens

So is instant photography part of the wedding packages Abbey offers?

Yes. I shoot a limited amount of instant images at every wedding I do. Many of my clients chose to include a film package for extra cost which means we shoot a lot more film and instant images throughout the day.

I want to incorporate the spontaneity that comes with the social art of taking polaroids. But most importantly I want my clients to hold something that represents one of those fleeting, singular moments from one of the most important days in their life. I’ve had clients tell me that they took their instant images with them on their honeymoon and pulled them out just to say, “Wow, we really got married!” It’s important to me that my clients do not just receive a disc of images that sits on their computer or in a shoebox under the bed, but rather that they have images that they can hold or hang on their wall as art.

60 wedding polaroids

gig harbor wedding

polaroid weddings

instant wedding photos

instant wedding photo

Abbey Hepner definitely takes gorgeous, spontaneous and natural-looking instant photos. For more information on her work, you can e-mail her at, see her work online at or on the blog at


How about you? Are you going for film or digital photos at your wedding?  If you had polaroids taken at your wedding, shoot me an e-mail for a possible feature! 🙂