Handmade Bath and Body Gifts

Here’s a selection of unique, fun and functional handmade bath body products from Fortune Cookie Soap¬†that you can give as gifts to your matrons and maids of honor, bridesmaids, and moms in law or guests. Remember, anything that will make your recipient feel and look beautiful will always be appreciated!

Life’s a Beach! Gift Basket

It’s Your Birthday! Gift Basket

Create a Fortune Cookie Bath Gift Set

Socialite Bath Gift Set

Blonde Bombshell Bath Gift Set

Between the Sheets Bath Gift Set

Filthy Rich Bath Gift Set

The Bees Knees Variety Bath Gift Set

Bewitched Bath Gift Set

First Crush Bath Gift Set

The Love Box Bath Gift Set

Hello Kat Bath Gift Set

Pinkalicious Bath Gift Set

Happy Birthday Bath Gift Set

Icing on the Cake Bath Gift Set

Green Polka Bath Gift Set

Island Coconut Milk Bath Bag (12.5 oz)

Pumpkin Cheesecake Milk Bath Bag (12.5 oz)

Grapefruit A-Go-Go Bath Melt (1 oz, Set of 3)

Hot Chocolate Bath Melt (1 oz, Set of 3)

Lavender Life Coach Bath Melt (1 oz, Set of 3)

Mellow Yellow Bath Melt (1 oz, Set of 3)

Cold Buster Bath Melt (1 oz, Set of 3)

Tree Hugger Bath Melt (1 oz, Set of 3)

Blueberry Bath Melt (1 oz, Set of 3)

Hubba Hubba Bath Melt (1 oz, Set of 3)

The Love Doctor Bath Melt (1 oz, Set of 3)

Rejuvenate Me Bath Tea (2 oz, Set of 3)

Romance Me Bath Tea (2 oz, Set of 3)

Uplift Me Bath Tea (2 oz, Set of 3)

Sugar Skull Bath Melt (1 oz, Set of 3)

Tea Tree Solid Shampoo Bar 3 oz

Clearly Complexion Dry Clay Mask (Set of 4, 1 month supply)

Vivid Solid Conditioner Bar 2 oz

Hawaiian Ice Solid Conditioner Bar 2 oz

Clearly Complexion Bar Soap (6 oz)

Aloe Me Bath Salt Brown Bag

Burlesque Bath Salt Brown Bag

Cold Buster Bath Salt Brown Bag

Day Dream Bath Salt Brown Bag

Electric Avenue Bath Salt Brown Bag

Fortunate Sun Bath Salt Brown Bag

Jazzy Juniper Bath Salt Brown Bag

Lava Rox Bath Salt Brown Bag

Ortanique Bath Salt Brown Bag

Pink Christmas Tree Bath Salt Brown Bag

Vivid Bath Salt Brown Bag

Fools Gold Bath Salt Brown Bag

Fruity Punch Gelato Bath Bomb (6 oz)

Banana, Berries and cream Dry Clay Mask (Set of 4, 1 month supply)

Dragon Fruit Shaved Ice Bath Bomb (8 oz)

Pumpkin Enzyme Dry Clay Mask (Set of 4, 1 month supply)

Electric Lemonade Shaved Ice Bath Bomb (8 oz)

Fresh Blueberry Gelato Bath Bomb (6 oz)

Baby Doll Bar Soap (6 oz)

Creamy Dreamy Oatmeal Cookie Bar Soap (6 oz)

Kryptonite Bar Soap (6 oz)

Rosewood if She could Bar Soap (6 oz)

Cinnamon Rolled Bar Soap (6 oz)

Soap Bar Samples 11 pieces (4 oz.)

Cupcake Bar Soap (6 oz)

Lime in the Coconut Bar Soap (6 oz)

Hazelnut Cappuccino Bar Soap (6 oz)

Gin Gimlet Bar Soap (6 oz)

Opium Lemonade Bar Soap (6 oz)

Pretty in Plumeria Bar Soap (5 oz)

Vivid Bar Soap (6 oz)

Cherry Limeade Bar Soap (6 oz)

Lick Me ALL Over Bar Soap (6 oz)

How ’bout them Apples? Bar Soap (5 oz)

Blueberry Bar Soap (5 oz)

Something Tropical Bar Soap (6 oz)

Strawberry Bar Soap (6 oz)

In the Loop Bath Bomb (6 oz)

Seeds of Love Red Cross Donation

Beach Bum Bath Bomb (4 oz)

Luck O’ the Irish Bath Bomb (4 oz)

Sparkling Lemonade Lip Balm .15 oz

Juicy Watermelon Lip Tint .07 oz

Something Tropical Lip Tint .07 oz

Astro-Turf Bath Bomb (3 oz)

Strawberry Fields Forever Bath Bomb (4.5 oz)

Exfoliating Soap Saver Bath Accessory

Cupcake Lip Balm .15 oz

Green Applemint Lip Balm .15 oz.

Vivid Lip Balm .15 oz

Exfoliating Loofah Facial Buff Bath Accessory

Cinnamon Rolled Bath Gift

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Bath Gift

Caramel Apple Bath Gift

Violet Raspberry Bath Gift

Patrick’s Shamrock Irish Bath Gift

Cherry Limeade Bath Gift

Eye of the Tiger Bath Gift

Hot Apple Cider Bath Gift

Goats Milk Soap Brown Bath Gift

Hazelnut Cappuccino Bath Gift

Not too Shabby Chic Bath Gift

Pink Lemonade Bath Gift

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